Maples staff receives first aid training

Maples and Calder recently improved its hazard management protocol by certifying several employees in CPR and first aid training. The two day course was facilitated by Peter Hughes of the Cayman Islands Red Cross. 

Staff were selected to represent each wing on every floor to ensure that there will always be sufficient first-responders in the event that an emergency arises. The course covered a wide range of possible scenarios, from heat stroke to heart attacks and culminated in a final test with a unanimous pass rate. 

Each employee received a certification card confirming their completion of the course and qualifying their CPR/AED and first aid training. 

Instructor Peter Hughes said, “The Cayman Islands Red Cross training seeks to help participants identify and eliminate potentially hazardous conditions in their environment, recognise emergencies and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. It teaches the knowledge and skills that individuals in the workplace need to know to give immediate care to an ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives.” 

Maples and Calder appreciates the need to be proactive and welcomed the Red Cross training, which was held onsite, in their main boardroom. “This is a very important course in which to take part,” said Paul Lumsden, managing partner of the Cayman Islands office. “The ideal situation would be that we never encounter an emergency situation, but that is beyond our control. By putting our staff through CPR and first aid training we have prepared them to deal with any scenario quickly, responsibly and with knowledge that could help save a life.” 

Trainees received manuals, viewed videos and were given the opportunity to practice on each other as well as on mannequins provided by the Red Cross. “The experience was an invaluable one,” said Heidi Hunte, one of the staff selected to represent her floor. “There was a lot of information to pack into two days but Peter did a great job and the content was interesting as well as informative,” she said. “I appreciate my firm’s commitment to ensuring a safe work environment and steps taken to deal with emergencies.” 

The Cayman Islands Red Cross provides Health and Safety Training as well as First Aid, CPR and AED Workplace Training to people, both in the workplace and in the wider community of Cayman. 


Enquiries about this or other trainings should be made to [email protected] 

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