‘iPad Head Girl’ turns them in NYC


In less than a day the ‘iPad head girl’ video was viewed by
40,000 people on YouTube, a number which has since risen to over 65,000.

The video, which shows a pretty brunette in Bryant Park in
New York City with iPads ‘replacing’ her head, sees the devices play footage of
a girl, known only as ‘Mia’, from all sides. It has been cleverly timed to
match her physical movements.

‘Mia’ walks, reads a book and even smiles flirtatiously at
an unsuspecting passer-by in the viral advert filmed in New York.

Other park-goers – mostly men – film ‘Mia’ on their phones
as she walks past, with one man even going as far as waving a hand in front of
her ‘face’ to see if she responds.

The technology stunt has a purpose though: at the end of the
video a man is seen scrolling past ‘Mia’s’ face to access contents of Hearst’s
new magazine: ‘Cosmo For Guys’.

iPad Head Girl

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