Amar Sheow-s how it’s done


Photographic artist Amar Sheow first got involved in photography when he was around eight years old and naturally curious. However, things were a bit different equipment-wise in those days. 

“At that time the Kodak Brownie, which used spooled film, was popular,” he tells Weekender. 

Amar’s website, is where people are increasingly heading to buy his fabulous digital art photography. Stylistically, he tells us, it is often difficult to categorise where artists may lie. 

“Art is subjective to artist, region, and the individual viewer’s appreciation. Based upon the evolution of my own work in abstract, minimalism and surrealism, appreciation for and interest in various art forms is an acquired taste.  

“My work is digital art photography leaning towards abstract, and minimalism. It is interesting to note that all my work to date has been photographed and processed on Grand Cayman, and is not atypical of local, mainstream works currently being produced,” he points out. 


Inspiration everywhere 

The eye of the snapper is always open, he muses. 

“I find inspiration everywhere; sometimes in the most unlikely and unexpected places. I see photographic moments everywhere I look. 

“In my opinion, Cayman’s natural light is perfect for photography; every hour of the day offers light suitable to specific moods. So much so, that I have photographed after rains, at night and before and after a storm. The early morning and evening light is best for the genres I photograph, although quite a bit of my work was captured in whatever light was available at the moment I was inspired.  

“The primary colour palette in Cayman is vibrant as compared to that found in Europe. I believe if one appreciates art in the first instance, his tastes would likely develop to include diverse genres.” 

Never a truer word spoken. And for upcoming artists interested in developing their talents, he’s got some wise words of advice. 

“I encourage aspiring photographers to take photographs of whatever subject interests them and as many frames as they wish. In the days of actual film processing, cost was a major issue; the wide availability of digital technology has removed this obstacle. Depending on the individual, over time a favourite genre will emerge upon which he will focus.” 

Amar is currently working on arranging a debut exhibition and you can be sure that Weekender will tell you all about it when we know. 

ebb tide

Ebb Tide-1 by Amar Sheow.


Fireball by Amar Sheow

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