Tourism’s Cherina moves to Grandview

Opportunities in the tourism industry are many and there is something to suit every ambition.

That’s the message from Cherina Seymour, who has joined Grandview Condos.

“I have been in tourism for about 16 years,” Ms Seymour said. “I started at Paradise Bar and Grill where I worked as a waitress, then I was at Island Traders as a sales clerk and supervisor, then Sports Supply and finally Atlantis, which was different and more interactive as I was dealing directly with cruise ships.

“We’d book submarine tours; I met guests, greeted them, took them on the tours and was also on the cruise ships,” she said.

Ms Seymour’s new role as office assistant, she said, is a different feel although there is still interaction with tourists.

Her roles include checking guests in, doing bookings and helping with accounting, although each day is different.

She said that she’d always been attracted to tourism as a career.

“I love to meet people and deal with them,” Ms Seymour said. “I love to please people; at the end of the day I do not want to see I cannot please someone, I want to help.”

Memorable moments

Over the years, there have been some memorable moments, particularly on the Atlantis ship when one particular visitor turned up unexpectedly.

“It was Chuck Norris – he was going on a night dive on Atlantis. He’d not booked under his own name; we were there and saw him coming on – we were all screaming, ‘It’s Chuck Norris’. But he was really down-to-earth, so nice, took pictures and stuff like that and he had a really good time.

“We were not expecting him then he just popped up and we were freaking out. But the thing about Cayman is that anyone could be here; I have seen a lot of yachts here but you don’t know exactly who’s on them most of the time.”
But you don’t have to be a karate legend to enjoy what Cayman has to offer.

“I would always recommend guests to come here; it is safe and I haven’t met a guest who has come here and not enjoyed themselves.”

Cherina’s varied career attests to the wide range of possibilities for youngsters interested in the industry.

“I would encourage any kid who wants to come in; if you are a people person and want to meet people, it is a nice career. And you can always grow, you can go to different areas of expertise,” she said. “I always encourage people to try it out.”

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