Celebrating Jamaican culture


Residents in Cayman got a taste of some flavourful Jamaican culture as nationals hosted an all-day independence celebration in downtown George Town last Friday. 

The daytime activities featured a display of arts and crafts by Jamaican artists residing in Cayman and a number of mouth-watering dishes that had attendees flocking to the site on Cardinal Avenue. 

For an extra taste of culture, vendors from food stalls bearing the names of places in Jamaica famous for food, such as Faith’s Pen, Little Ochi, Devon House and Hellshire dished out meals featuring colourful Jamaican cuisine. 

When most people think of the Jamaican culture, automatically the mind flashes on the jerk pan, but like most Jamaicans say, “ain’t no party without curry goat and manish water”, and some of the best samplings along with some juicy, hot jerk chicken were on sale. 

The range of traditional favourites also included fish, rundown, ackee and salt fish, chocolate tea, salt fish fritters, rice and peas, blue drawers, and potato and cornmeal pudding.  

Festivities continued later in the evening at Reflections parking lot on Godfrey Nixon Way with local and visiting acts on stage and the reading of the Prime Minister of Jamaica’s official Independence Day message by the honourary Jamaican consul. 


Lovell Reid and Jamaican craft works.


Melieka Flynn got into the spirit of the celebration. – PHOTOS: JEWEL LEVY

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