Nixon goes to Princeton Day

Avondre Nixon may not be a star in local basketball. But the young man is now getting a shot at hoops abroad.

Nixon, 16, will be attending Princeton Day Academy in Lanham, Maryland. The institution has a reputation for placing children in top basketball universities.

The born and raised George Town native, who is heading to the school this weekend, states it is a good opportunity for him.

“I’m happy I got the chance to go overseas,” Nixon said. “It’s something I had been wanting to do for a long time. Going over there and getting exposed to US basketball is great. I’m grateful for the chance to get there. Right now I just thank my dad (Algon Nixon) and mum (Maria DaCosta) for their support.”

Nixon has been playing basketball for roughly eight years since primary school. He has taken part in all of the youth basketball programmes on offer, most notably the Kings Sports Centre initiative, the PWC U16 and the Appleby U19 leagues.

Interestingly Nixon is not making the Princeton leap on his own. A group of young players are going with him in Jace Ebanks, Peter Grant, Rivers Anthony, Amber Watson and Ricardo Ebanks. For the record it is not clear which of those youngsters will enrol at Princeton after checking it out.

All are joining prodigy Jamaal Miller, 17, who has taken his district of Bodden Town to great heights in the U16 and U19 competitions in the last two years.

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