Editorial for 15 August: Devil worshippers, drunkards and good governance

“And be ye kind to one another,
tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ’s sake hath
forgiven you.” (Ephesians 4:32)

We will take that sage advice in today’s
editorial and forgive Premier McKeeva Bush for his ill-conceived and
mean-spirited tirade against this newspaper on Cayman’s national radio station
last Thursday.

Here are just a few choice quotes from the
leader of our country during his mercifully brief appearance on Radio Cayman’s
talk show, referring to our editorial that dared to question how his government
spent public funds:

“I believe that the devil himself is at
more work here than anybody else, and I think they’re just a bunch of

“I am not going to be guided by the likes
of who I know wrote that editorial. I am not going to be guided by drunkards,
nor people who we don’t know who… we don’t know where they come from or what
they done, some peeping toms or whatever they could be; I know some of them who
write letters and try to tell me what to do.”

We will give these comments, and many
others made by the premier on Thursday afternoon precisely the response they
deserve: none at all.

The Caymanian Compass promises its readers
that we will continue to delve into all aspects of government spending and
operation as factually and as fearlessly as ever; and we will continue to
question the decisions of our elected leaders as is the job of the free press
in any democracy in the world.

If the people in government don’t like
those questions and revert to name-calling, that is their privilege.

But the questioning will continue, and the
public will perhaps form its own view as to who supports the principles of good

There are still many questions that remain
about the government’s ‘nation building’ fund which we will seek answers to in
the coming months, even if pursuing truth is called Devil worshipping by
Premier Bush.


  1. Nice job, Compass! When you get this sort of response, you know you are doing something right!

    Honestly, it is shameful that there is no watchdog over the government other than the Compass. You are the only ones staying vigilant, so please keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Devil worshiping, Drunkards and bad governance is:

    The love of MONEY is the root of ALL EVIL I Timothy 6:10.

    Drunkards – Being drunk with the old wine, that is the old man, the old sinful nature that causes hypocrites to go around telling people that they are spirit filled and are saved that they know the lord, that they are Christians, and we find them to be a ‘sinner just like most of us. WORST THAN WE ARE.

    What would Jesus if he was premier?
    He would be ‘HONEST in all his dealings,
    total transparency No backdoor deals.
    Take care of the Poor first.
    Not a buddy buddy of the rich and famous
    Not so much crime because families are neglected and they have no choice but turn to crime, they need to eat dink, and have a roof over their head

    Most of all.
    JESUS WOULD stop everything else. and address the crime rampant on this Island and express his sympathy for the families of Ana Evans, and Kerry Baker and he would have already found himself a newb Chief of Police or Commissioner that can SOLVE CRIME not leaving behind a trail of unsolved mysteries.


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