Pack a greener lunch

There are many healthy fun ways to ensure that your child gets a tasty, delicious, environmentally-friendly meal. Not only will they enjoy it, but they will learn some tips on how to keep there environment much cleaner and find ways on how to save money.

For starters, the containers used to pack your child’s lunch should be reusable. Containers like Ziploc and Gladware come in handy. When you have reusable containers there is no need to worry about buying so much plastic and paper bags to wrap or carry food in.

“Stainless Steal lunch box containers are easy to wash and use. Also try using aluminium-free reusable containers,” said Ms Andrea Hill.

It’s best to buy organic foods even though it can be expensive. The reason why it’s good is because organic food does not contain preservatives that can harm the environment, as well as a person’s health.

“Fruits and vegetables can give you great energy, not just vitamins, but it also keeps you cool and hydrated,” she said.

It’s best to sit down with your child and see what types of food they might like to eat instead of giving them something they may not eat. Try compromising with them; that way you both can agree on something you both like.

“Fruits that may be more pleasing to kids like oranges; also whole grain is good too, especially in sandwiches and try staying away from chips or cookies or at least try cutting down to once a week,” she said.

Food at its freshest is more enjoyable and tastes better.

Local foods from the farmers’ market is better for you than food that has travelled a distance. It’s also good if the producers do not use toxic chemicals when growing their crops. Feel free to ask a local vendor how they grow their crops and they will be happy to assist you. It’s best to buy in bulk when shopping for food items like cereal and granola bars and you can store them in your cupboard at home. Just by doing so you will have saved many trips to the supermarket.

When carrying your groceries use a tote bag. They are reusable and better for the environment instead of a plastic bag. Make sure you have a reusable lunch bag that you can use often and a refillable drink container. You can find these items at any local farmers market, convenience store or supermarket.

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