Young mother flies flag of local tourism

Kenesha Hurlston-Anderson has been in the
tourism industry for 14 years, starting at an early age to pursue her

“I began at the age of 13 on Tropicana
Tours and by the end of high school I was able to run Tropicana. By the time
that finished I could do everything there, so I was looking for something new
to intrigue me,” she said.

“So I went into hotels and worked at Grand
Caymanian for four and a half years, then Re/Max for three years and I will
have been at Grandview Condos for five years this October [now as assistant
manager]. I just love the interaction with people. Real estate was intriguing,
but I was behind the scenes and there was not that one-to-one interaction,” she

Ms Hurlston-Anderson said she was attracted
back into the tourism industry for one main reason.

“You can see the satisfaction on people’s
faces and it is gratifying to know that you have helped someone,” she said. “I
believe in Cayman and what we can offer and if I can make a difference to
somebody’s experience here I think that contributes a lot.”

As an assistant manager there is no typical
day, she said.

“No two days are the same; it is great to
work in it,” Ms Hurlston-Anderson said. “

There are several sides to this job. One is
property management because a lot of the units are privately owned. There are
guests that rent on a nightly basis, we do maintenance and are painting right
now. I cover it all.”


People interaction

She advises any children who are interested in working in tourism to pursue
their instincts.

“Do not be afraid; go and try it. I started
at 13 because I wanted to get my ‘wants’ – my parents would give me my ‘needs’.
But I knew that interacting with people is something that I’d love to do.

“So if you are 13 and you are out there and
you find something you love or see someone doing a job and you would like to
experience it, fight to get the chance. I am not saying work full time, but
there’s the summer; get motivated, get occupied and try it out because you
never know where it could lead you.”

The assistant manager, who has two young
boys ages 6 and 3, said she would go back to study accounting when the time is
right. But there can be no better place to work, she said.

“Cayman is really paradise,” she said. “I
try to get out at least once a day and see the beautiful sun and aqua blue
waters. It is amazing and if I could I would be out there every day.”






Kenesha Hurlston-Anderson advises youngsters to pursue their interests.
Joe Shooman

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