Government agreement in place, CEC hires three Caymanians

After signing a definitive agreement with the government to create a special economic zone, Cayman Enterprise City has hired three Caymanians to fill leadership roles.

Frank Balderamos is vice president of Investor Relations & Operations; Hilary McKenzie-Cahill is VP of Marketing and Business Development; and Renee High is a Marketing and Business Development Coordinator.

During the past few months, Cayman Enterprise City has been gradually adding to its global team, and now that the project swings into its operational phase, the focus is on its local team.

Mr. Balderamos is former General Manager of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

“I am conscious of the fact that CEC could have brought in a VP from overseas and am flattered to have been head hunted for this high-level position,” Mr. Balderamos said. “I appreciate that I have a great opportunity to shape the future of Cayman in a very positive way, but also have a solemn responsibility to ensure this project truly does benefit everyday Caymanians.”

As VP of Zone Operations, Mr. Balderamos will work with the new Zone Authority to help companies establish a presence in the Zone. Mr. Balderamos will oversee Human Resources for Cayman Enterprise City and will be heavily involved with the project’s Careers Development Bureau, aimed at providing advice and opportunities to Caymanians. This fall Cayman Enterprise City will begin a community outreach programme to educate youths about the career opportunities that will eventually be available within the zone.

New VP of Marketing & Business Development Hilary McKenzie-Cahill has been a local media/Internet entrepreneur for the past 17 years, and she has been a consultant with Cayman Enterprise City for the past six months. “I feel blessed to be part of such an incredibly interesting project; one that will bring great prosperity to Cayman along with exciting opportunities for Caymanians in new industries,” Mrs. McKenzie-Cahill said.

In her role, Mrs. High will support the marketing team and act as Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer Jason Blick. Mrs. High has already started her on-the-job training programme in the areas of marketing and public relations, in addition to her regular duties with the team that is working vigorously around the clock toward the goal of breaking ground in the first quarter of 2012 year, subject to the Zone law being passed on time.

“There is no denying that it is a very challenging and fast paced environment, but each week I am adding to my skill set by exposure to CEC’s global team and much on-the-job training,” said Mrs. High “I am ecstatic at having been given the opportunity to be a part of this exciting project that will open doors to many new industries and give education and career opportunities that would have otherwise not been available in our country and for our people.”

With Caymanians accounting for 70 per cent of its current workforce, Cayman Enterprise City anticipates hiring for its local business development team this fall. It is expected that in the future 5,000 jobs will be created within the Zone and 4,800 jobs will develop outside the Zone.

Cayman Enterprise City’s website will be updated over the coming months, including a new section on the Career Development Bureau.

International businesses establishing within the Zone will not be permitted to trade in Cayman outside of the zone nor will they be permitted to compete with local businesses. Local Caymanian contractors and sub contractors will be sought to build the Zone’s five campuses, which will be developed in three phases, initially comprising 500,000 square feet of Class A office space with associated commercial and 
retail facilities.


  1. Excellent news, looks like great things or coming for CaymanHopefully plenty of people will have the since to take advantage of these new opportunities

  2. Congrats on the appointment of these 3 Caymanians.
    However its as though some big favor was rendered in hiring Caymanians in leadership role. People seemt to be so brain washed or to naive or just plain stupid.,
    This is no favor, its your reasonable duty and service to the community to staff businesses and corporations with Caymanianian leadership, Ya think?

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