‘Not today bobo’ suspects plead guilty

Two men charged with several offences in
relation to a foiled robbery attempt on 2 May at Blackbeard’s Liquor store in
Grand Harbour pleaded guilty during a Friday court appearance to most of the
charges against them.  

The men appeared for an arraignment in the
Grand Court Friday. 

Johnathon Welcome and Jordon Powell
accepted guilt on two counts of attempted robbery, one count of possession of
an imitation firearm, related to possession of a single barrel shotgun. The men
also pleaded guilty to carrying a prohibited weapon – a canister of pepper
spray – as well as one count of attempted murder.  

Powell was also accused of assault, but he
pleaded not guilty on that charge. 

Both men have been remanded in custody. 

A social inquiry report has been ordered
before the men are sentenced on 30 September.    

The men were arrested shortly after the
Blackbeard’s robbery after they were pursued by two fishermen. The two happened
to be in the vicinity when the robbery was taking place and subsequently chased
and disarmed them.  


Blackbeard’s liquor store at Grand Harbour, the site of the attempted robbery
Norma Connolly


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