Online poll: Little confidence in Cayman’s economy


More than 71 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they were not so confident or not confident at all that Cayman’s economy was rebounding. 

Almost identical numbers of people said they were not so confident – 177 people or 35.7 per cent – as said they were not confident at all – 176 people or 35.5 per cent. 

“I think the economy is still declining,” said one person.  

“I’m not so confident that the global/US/EU economy is rebounding,” said someone else. “As they go so too goes Cayman.” 

“Have you looked around?” asked another person. “How does the saying go: Be careful what you wish for … you just might get it.” 

“Cayman’s economy will never truly reach its potential until the Caymanians are employed and paid properly,” commented one person. 

“Not with the current government running things,” quipped another. 

“With all the financial problems the US and Europe are having, no matter what McKeeva Bush does things won’t return to past success.” 

Another 93 people – 18.7 per cent – said they were somewhat confident the economy was rebounding. 

“I am thinking positive and hoping,” said one person. “However, we do have caution flags all around since Thursday’s stock market crash. The good news is that two billionaires have said it will bounce back slowly, but it will bounce back. All I can say is I hope its in the will of God.” 

“In the tourism sector for stay-over visitors we have seen a strong seven months since December 2010,” pointed out someone else. 

“The flights seem to be quite full and most people are walking around with brand new phones,” said another respondent. “We will likely experience some effects from what is happening in the US and UK though.” 

“There are many good things in the works that will help Cayman’s fiscal economy,” said someone else. “Sadly, though, our social economy is floundering due to poor decisions like giving money to churches 
instead of schools.” 

Thirty-eight people – 7.7 per cent – said they were very confident Cayman’s economy was rebounding, but none left any comments. 

Another 12 people – 2.4 per cent – responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question. 


Next week’s poll question 

What do you think about the government’s ability to intercept communications of the public as a way of fighting crime? 

I absolutely support it 

I support it generally 

I don’t support it much 

I don’t support it at all 

I don’t know. 


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