Police: No more nice guy in Kerran case


Royal Cayman Islands Police Service investigators will be hitting the streets over the next couple of days to visit individuals they think had phone or text messaging contact with a missing nurse around the time she disappeared.  

Kerran Baker, 25, of Jamaica, was last seen the night of 30 July leaving the airport Foster’s store. Officers investigating her disappearance believe she returned home after the shopping trip, but where she went after that isn’t clear.  

Police said they still had no indication of Ms Baker’s whereabouts as of press time Thursday.  

For the past week or so, local police have been making public appeals for anyone who may have been in cell phone contact – particularly via BlackBerry instant messaging – with Ms Baker the Saturday night she disappeared. Officers have said not one person has come forward and Ms Baker’s cell phone has not been found.  

“A lot of our investigators will be going and seeing these individuals that we have been directly appealing to in terms of the BBM messages to come forward and speak to us,” said Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “We will be going to them since they aren’t coming to us.”  

When asked if that meant officers had known who was messaging Ms Baker that evening, Mr. Bodden responded: “Read through the lines.”  

Mr. Bodden said it was entirely possible officers had already spoken to some of these individuals earlier in the investigation and he stressed that police have no reason to arrest anyone in Ms Baker’s disappearance.  

“It probably isn’t anything untoward,” he said. “But the mere fact that they haven’t and we have to go to them may cause some degree of embarrassment to the individuals. We’re trying to minimise that.”  

Police could not comment on precisely how many people will be interviewed over the next few days, mainly because officers don’t know what they will discover while out in the field. But Mr. Bodden said officers on the case would now adopt a more aggressive stance in pursuing their questions.  

“I would say we would be a bit more intelligently aggressive,” he said.  

Thus far, RCIPS officers have no confirmed sightings of Ms Baker after 7pm on Saturday, 30 July.  

Detectives are still sifting through CCTV video of areas where the missing nurse may have been that night. They are also waiting for tests on “materials” found in the Pedro St. James Castle area near Ms Baker’s abandoned car that could provide further clues in the investigation.  


Anyone with information about the case or Ms Baker’s whereabouts is asked to contact the RCIPS information line at 949-7777 or call Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477. 

KB-Airport Fosters

CCTV cameras inside the airport Fosters store capture Kerran Baker just hours before she vanished Saturday. Ms Baker’s grocery bags were later found abandoned on the counter of her Bodden Town home.


  1. Interview is the best procedure as you would easily know a guilty person is lying by just his physical reaction, emotion, and inconsistent answer. I would suggest interview all persons known to the victim, i don’t see any reason to be shameful unless guilty.

  2. As a visitor from the US over the past twelve years… it saddens me to read almost every day of yet another robbery and/or missing persons case such as this one with Kerran Baker. One of the main reasons I’ve been bringing my friends and loved ones to this beautiful island, has been the level of safety and comfort I’ve always felt while vacationing here.

    It seems to take a great deal of time on average to break such cases as Kerran’s…. yet I notice every day how talk of tourism and the well being of the island’s financial stability takes front and center….. Perhaps it’s time to focus on making this island safer for others like Kerran, with the deployment of a rock solid armed police force equipped with modern forensic technology at their disposal, in conjunction with a goverment that will be swift to deport, and punish those found guilty.

    Wake up Governor Taylor, and the RCIP….those of us that have always looked at this island as a favorite vacation spot… are looking elsewhere…

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