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The Well Versed section is dedicated to poets in Cayman who have emotions to convey and stories to tell through their poetry. Here are offerings from recent submissions.

MC Christian

Ode to Cayman

There is a place where darkness reigns,

where blood flows through the streets like veins.

Sunlight is replaced with clouds and rain,

as joy and laughter are drowned in pain.

This is a place of greed and the pursuit of pleasure.

Power, lust and rage… these we treasure.

Fire sales on morals, ethics and scruples.

Seems like each year the crime rate quadruples.

What an absolute paradise

for those who are hell bound.

Corruption, bribes and blackmail abound.

Sex sells, so we sell our daughters to the perverted.

Oh well, do tell, it’s progress so it’s worth it.

Christian, who started writing poetry as a teenager, says his poem is “my take on what the new national anthem could be if we do not change the course of the ‘good ship’ Cayman.”

Nasaria Budal

Miss, Ma’am


She, Her, Lady…..Madam

These are the titles they give me

But WOMAN I am!

A mother, sister, aunt

Put on this earth to bear fruit

To make happy that one man

Designed to be my perfect suit

To mend the clothes and make the beds

Ensure the laces are tied

Answer all of the probing questions

And play the role of ‘Life’s Guide’

Fight for my rights, a voice to be heard

Climb stronger and faster

And everything a man can do

Learn how to master

Ward off those undressing stares

Lend a deaf ear to the derogatory advances

Donned in my skirt suit and Manolo Blahniks

As I manage the home, marriage AND the finances

Skin as thick as cow hide, mind as swift as an arrow

Multitasking the day’s necessities, that’s me

Homework checks, last-minute presentations

This WOMAN, I tell you, is an anomaly

Pushed to my limits to cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’

Cover all of the bases in my rhythmic stride

Creating new solutions to life’s struggles

Dead set to protect and provide

Invincible no matter the challenge

Pushing through like a charging ram

Grabbing life by the horns

This WOMAN, this Madam.


penned her first poem as a young child and has been passionately writing since. She enjoys writing creatively and appreciates the way words in general have a way of transpiring feelings and emotions to even the most aloof stranger.

She’s working on a novel inspired by a number of bizarre events that have happened in her life and hopes to have the first draft completed in 2012 (though she’s also juggling a full-time job and parenting three young kids

, so the timeline may be a bit fluid!)

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