Young model gets NY tryout


In the words of Tyra Banks, “Chances are very slim that a model will become a household name today.” Despite the odds, 23-year-old Adrianna Christian is determined to make it. Her bright smile is contagious and she has such charisma that people are drawn to her. 

She was first introduced to modelling on stage at age 12 when she entered the Miss Cinderella pageant and won model of the year for that section in 2000.  

“Then, when I went away to compete … I got a lot of different awards for modelling and people were always saying, ‘you should do modelling,’” she says. 

It wasn’t until 2005 that she really got serious about modelling as a career. “I would say when I first really got into it would have been when they had the Ice Models competition here … and my best friend won that show and I came second, so that was huge.”  


Career picks up  

Adrianna’s career as a model really began to kick off when she entered the Face of the Future model search hosted for the first time in Cayman in 2010. The competition was staged to find a female to represent Cayman in Barbados in the Caribbean model search. The winner of this title then becomes the new face of Shabeau magazine.  

After winning the local competition and being crowned Cayman Islands Model of the Year 2010-11, Adrianna says her experience in Barbados was slightly overwhelming as she was up against 13 other women. Despite her nerves, she won and was crowned as the new face of Caribbean beauty for Shabeau, a magazine based in Barbados.  


New York  

She then became the spokesperson for the internationally broadcast television channel CaribVision and ambassador for Shabeau magazine. Later, she jetted off to New York to model for the Caribbean international fashion week.  

“My prize for winning there was basically going to New York and auditioning for Trump Model Management and being involved in a lot of different fashion shows there,” she says.  

“It was the first time I had ever been to New York and it’s very fast-paced, very different from Cayman.” 

The Caribbean fashion event is huge and featured many Caribbean designers, she says, adding “It was really nice, very professional. It gave me a taste of what it was like, to do fashion shows in New York.”  

Along with developing her career, Adrianna also had the opportunity to network and make friends. She also participated in a swim wear fashion show for Plitz Passion for Fashion swim wear.  

She also visited Allure magazine and spoke to the company about being in the magazine – she is still waiting to hear back from the magazine and from Trump’s agency.  


Career goals  

In the meantime, she is doing a lot of local shows, local boutique advertising and building up her portfolio. She says she’s excited about what the future has in store for her and hopes to get signed one day soon.  

For now, Adrianna is a full-time employee of the Department of Sports, which she says is very supportive of her modelling career and gives her time off when she needs it.  

As for her goals, she says, “I would love to go down the high fashion route,” adding that she has always liked Victoria’s Secret [a line that has featured another Cayman model, Selita Ebanks].  

“I’m always smiling, and I’ve been told my smile is my best attribute,” she says.  


Fun facts   

“I’m actually not into big name designers. I can go and buy a $7 top and rock it. Seriously, that’s just me.”  

“I don’t work out, I don’t run, I don’t do anything. I just love to eat. My favourite dish is curried shrimp.”  

She’s inspired by “The people that drive me to just continue each day, especially my uncle Kadow Brown, because he is one of the biggest pushers for me because he sees it in me that I can go farther with it.” 

She’s a die-hard horror film fan. “That’s all I watch. They don’t even scare me, like the Exorcism of Emily Rose, it was nothing to me. I don’t like to sit and watch corny comedy.”  


Funniest event  

On her last day in New York, she was in the subway, trying to get to one of her castings, “and these people from this model agency wanted us to come for a casting because they liked our look, but we were rushing and took their card, and it was only when we got back into the subway and took out the card to find out it was Abercrombie and Fitch and it was the day we were going back home!”  

She still has the casting card at home and is hoping to see if she can arrange to meet with the Abercrombie and Fitch agency sometime soon.  


Adrianna Christian is on her way to a top modeling career.

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