Apps keep track 
of teen drivers

Parents may not be able to control what their teens do once they get behind the wheel, but tools exist that could help keep an eye on their driving behaviour. Several smartphone apps are available:

iGuardianTeen monitors for excessive G-forces during driving that may occur because of sudden braking, swerving or an accident. The app also records video continuously from the phone, which is mounted on the dashboard during driving, and uploads the video for parents to view whenever excessive G-forces are detected. Parents are notified if the app is terminated or the driver uses the phone to text or make calls.

Speedbump allows parents to set speed limits for different driving conditions, such as divided highways, secondary highways such as state routes, and residential roads. The app alerts parents if the set limits are exceeded. Like iGuardianTeen, Speedbump also notifies parents if the app is shut down.

Devices that are designed to track the actions of teen drivers are also available. MobileTeen GPS can send speed and location information to parents every five minutes. The device also can be programmed with unacceptable driving areas and will alert parents whenever a vehicle enters an unacceptable area.

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