Walkers summer interns gain experience, insight of law firm

Attorneys at Walkers got a helping hand this summer while six law students received some valuable hands-on training.

Walkers once again took students under its wing as part of its Walkers Summer Legal Internship. They walked away with valuable experience and an insight into life at a busy law firm.

Each student shadowed a designated attorney, gaining genuine exposure to meaningful legal work in the hedge funds, private equity, finance, litigation and trust groups within Walkers.

“The Summer Legal Internship is just one strand in the professional development of our sponsored students, who we hope will all successfully complete their studies and progress to becoming articled clerks with Walkers and eventually fully fledged attorneys,” said Dorothy Scott Crumbley, an associate in Walkers’ Investment Funds Group and a member of Walkers’ Trainee Committee. “Indeed Nikhil Jha, one of this summer’s group of students will begin his articled clerkship with Walkers directly after completing this internship.”

The students were at Walkers from 11 July until 5 August.

In addition to assisting the attorneys, the students were engaged in a research project and were required to make a presentation, for which full training was given. The Summer Legal Internship was revamped by Walkers for 2011, with the duration shortened to four weeks from six weeks; however, the students still received the full rate of pay for six weeks.

“Our students work extremely hard at their studies throughout the year and continued to do so while employed with the firm,” said Anthony Partridge, senior counsel in Walkers’ Trusts Group and a member of Walkers’ Trainee Committee. “We fully appreciate the students’ efforts and wanted to ensure they still received some holiday without suffering financially, while at the same time gaining the benefit of what we feel is an immensely rewarding experience.”

The students are at varying stages of their legal education and professional development. Nikhil Jha has completed his law degree and professional legal practice course. Annalisa Wallace recently graduated from Durham University and Sarah Dombowsky has completed two years at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Thea Bush and Renee Prendergast have both completed their first year at the Cayman Islands Law School and Michael Testori has completed his A-levels at St Ignatius and is looking at UK university entry later this year.

“We are delighted to have had such an exceptional group of students working with the firm this summer and we are fully committed to their success and professional development,” said Ms Scott Crumbley. “Walkers was the first firm in the Cayman Islands to establish a comprehensive Articled Clerk Training Programme and our proven methods have developed and been refined over more than 25 years to benefit Caymanians seeking a career in the legal sector.”

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