Killa impressed with youngsters


Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker had positive reviews of a youth squad that recently competed in the US. 

This month a team of four young boxers competed in the 11th annual Ringside World Championships in Kansas City, Missouri. The side consisted of Tafari Ebanks, Aaron Powell, Kendall Ebanks and Raymond and Diego Rodriguez. 

Killa, 37, states all are showing that Cayman has a bright future in the sport. 

“Tafari and Aaron made it to the quarter-finals of the group with Tafari winning a fight and Aaron winning two fights,” Killa said. “The others lost their first fight. Certainly the big news of the trip is Kendall being invited to a world-class training camp put on by the AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association). It is the world’s largest amateur boxing programme and Kendall is the first Caymanian boxer to do so. 

“They were all very good. We have a wonderful nucleus of youngsters. The kids have been great and I’ve really enjoyed working with them. I’m impressed with boxing here right now. There’s a lot of talent in the community. With the facility and coaches we have now, it allows us in the boxing association to develop young talent in the proper way. I believe one day they will be able to lift the spirits of a nation similar to how I have done.” 

Killa, who is an executive member of the Cayman Islands Boxing Association, is not quite done with his career. Originally slated to get back in the ring 1 October, the West Bayer is now aiming for a November bout. The fight is a necessary one for Killa, who has to make a title defence this year for the United States Boxing Association and World Boxing Council Continental junior-middleweight championships he won back in June (interestingly he was presented with the Order of the Cayman Islands for winning those belts). 

Whittaker, whose professional record stands at 37 wins, 12 losses, two draws and 23 Knockouts, states he is focused on keeping in shape this summer. 

“I went away for three days the other day. Right now I go to gym and run in the mornings. I’m just doing light work like shadow boxing by myself for five rounds and doing jump-rope. I’m just trying to stay loose and 
keep sharp.” 

“Tafari and Aaron made it to the quarter-finals of the group with Tafari winning a fight and Aaron winning two fights.” 


Killa has plans for a November fight. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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