Premier: A ‘reminder’ for Opposition Leader

Editor’s note: The following is the full text of a statement released Wednesday by Premier McKeeva Bush in response to Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin’s broadcast statement Tuesday.

“When you talk about what my Government and I should be doing, it leads me to ask a few questions. Mr. McLaughlin, your Government went four (4) years without any audits of your work. The Office of the Auditor General has said that there is some $69 million (in one Ministry alone) unaccounted for under your Governments administration, of which you were the de facto Leader of Government Business. Below, I have listed items which are unaudited and some of which could involve conflicts of interests, because of close family member’s involvement. I must ask, was that family connection declared?

“I trust that there will be audits or investigations carried out on all of these matters. As the Minister of Finance, I will ensure that either the Government Audit Office – who did not carry out audits from 2005-2009 (your Administration)- or an independent source, conducts a full forensic audit or investigation on the following matters:

•    Procurement for the High School projects (public commitment made to do so)

•    Procurement for the Government Administration Building (publicly stated would be on the way)

•    Orion Development agreement – signed in 2009

•    Purchase of millions of dollars worth of fill, and site development of the abandoned Beulah Smith High School in West Bay

•    Millions of dollars of site fill at Bodden Town for Emergency Centre (abandoned)

•    Boxing match over $1.5M by the Department of Tourism

•    Signed agreement with Atlantic Star for cargo and cruise port development in George Town

•    Land acquisition and ownership for roads development – who owns some of the land?

•    Purchase of property and millions of dollars of fill for abandoned George Town Primary School project

•    Purchase of Durty Reids for road works

•    Lease by the Maritime Authority of over $2.5M in Strathvale House

•    Purchase of Sammy’s Inn and the remodeling and construction cost to facilitate Cayman Airways

•    Security contract for the Government Administration Building which was awarded to Security Centre earlier this year (said to be underway)

•    CCTV contract

“All Unaudited!!!!

“In light of the information above Mr. McLaughlin, it really looks like you can criticize me for alleged mismanagement of Government’s finances!!!

“When you consider all of the above, it becomes very clear how you can defend the Audit Office. I guess some of the people who didn’t have to worry about audits carried on them can berate me for speaking out on the unfair manner in which an audit is carried out and written.

“Good going Alden McLaughlin!”


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