‘Ground breaking’ soon on Dart project

Premier hopes to start ‘in coming week’

Premier McKeeva Bush said he was hopeful that a “ground breaking” on the much-debated Dart group project would start construction works “in the coming week”.

During a meeting held Tuesday night at George Town’s Mary Miller Hall, Mr. Bush did not state what particular facet of the massive land-swap, construction deal he hoped to commence. However, he broached the issue in the context of providing local jobs in the construction and road building sector.

“[Government’s agreement with the Dart group] will create an immediate economic stimulus for the local economy led by the creation of jobs for Caymanians in a number of sectors, starting with the road works and construction industries,” Premier Bush said. “I’m hoping that we will soon be able to break ground and I’m hoping that we will have a ground breaking so that this work can start in…the coming week.”

The Premier stressed that the final agreement between government and Dart group had not been approved by the Cayman Islands Cabinet. However, he vowed to push one aspect of the deal, the relocation of a section of West Bay road through the upper end of

Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, through at all costs.

“It’s going to happen,” Mr. Bush said. “So understand that you’re not going to stop it, because it is the right thing for these Islands and a better thing for West Bay.”

The irony of the two statements was not lost on West Bay resident Alice Mae Coe, who attended the George Town meeting Tuesday night.

“[Moving the road] sounds like a foregone conclusion,” Ms Coe said. “I’m not sure how we can get into all of these discussions…if the final agreement has not been affected.”

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  1. I don’t see the relocation of a section of West Bay Road to be good for the Island. Without tourist your Island hurts. The drive along West Bay Road and seeing the ocean is what tourist want…the beauty of the Island. You have hotels that are not full now. Why swap what the tourist want for another hotel? This, in my opinion, is a horrible thing to do.

  2. Despite public outcry, the premier is supporting Dart and giving him the green light to go against the wishes of the people of the Cayman Islands with this project?

    this man owns way too much property. There must be a law that limits a developer from purchasing and owning too much property on one jurisdiction it. the man will be able to dictate to the governor at the end of the day. Maybe he’s doing that already. all bought and paid for with the almighty dollar!

    Caymanians are a relly laid back stupid set of people if you believe that a signed petition will get you anywhere if it goes to the premier or the Governor. e need a Watchdog delegation to travel to the UK on these issues facing the people that goes against our wishes. Caymanians have no say in their own country and remember the governor is here to protect the UK’s interest, not yours. He lives amongst us in all the high crime he should at least get involved with hiring the right people to stop crime even if he turns his back on everything else. We need to read his job description publicly in detail alden?

  3. You say it may not be what tourists want or what the people want. But it’s obviously what Dart wants. And from what I see he’s willing to contribute a hell of a lot to get it. As far as him owning too much, don’t blame the government for that, it wasn’t the CIG the sold him all that land. It was Caymanians that sold the land their forefathers farmed and for what ? The Almightly dollar. So when you’re looking to point a finger at who enabled him to get so powerful, just open a photo album and point at your own Forefathers. And then do the same when you wonder why Seven Mile beach is owned by foreigners. For all the people that are against Dart, I have to wonder how many of them will be on the line for job applications.

    At least Dart does things in a way that actually compliments the island, no one can say Caymana Bay is an eyesore.

    Watch what he does with Mount Trashmore, which happens to be the highest point on Cayman, and the first thing tourists see when they come by air or ship. Surely he knows this, and mark my words, when he’s done with it, it’ll be a thing of beauty with the words DART Enterprises proudly displayed on top for all to see, come Air or Sea the biggest name in lights they’ll see will be Dart.

  4. In response to SAY below I disagree. People don’t come to the island to drive up and down the WB road. They come to enjoy the beach, sun, sea and facilities. The less traffic the better.

  5. No, we don’t come to the Island to drive up and down West Bay Road…but we do enjoy the beautiful site of the ocean when driving up West Bay Road. It says in our minds and we want to come back. Taking the scenery along that part of West Bay road and the bypass..I’ll take West Bay Road for my memories anytime.

  6. Whether or not the relocation of West Bay Road is good or bad is a debatable matter that largely goes to personal feelings. What I do pray is that the relocation does not cause a bottleneck. Remember how bad it was before the by-pass? If there is only going to be one road again, even if it is two or three lanes, an accident or storm means trouble.

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