Member: Altercation in the assembly

A physical altercation involving two politicians took place in the lunchroom of the Legislative Assembly building around 4pm on Thursday, 29 September. 

Government backbench MLA Ellio Solomon said on a local radio station Friday that there had been an incident involving him and the Leader of the Opposition 
Alden McLaughlin. 

“It is something I am not going to get into in much detail … but yesterday in the afternoon I was assaulted by The Honourable Alden McLaughlin,” he said. 

The altercation occurred shortly after Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence had suspended proceedings following a heated verbal exchange between Mr. Solomon and Opposition MLA Arden McLean.
Mr. Solomon said he was going to file a complaint with a view to pressing charges and that the matter was likely to go before the courts. 

“If it is a situation where The Honourable Alden McLaughlin is willing to come forward and apologise – and no flowery language but a sincere apology – then I would consider dropping those charges but that is the case as it occurred yesterday.” 

Contacted for comment, Mr. McLaughlin only said: 

“I assaulted no one.” 

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Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly


  1. Children will play and thats what we have here.Seems funny that McLaughlin doesnt understand the word assault.There doesnt need to be punches thrown. I’m sure that such an educated man alrady knows that.

    I hope this type of news doesnt get to the Associated Press.Its just another example how our country cant seem to get it together. If its not the thugs making us look bad, its the politicians.

    We all should have guns so we can shoot ourselves in the foot more often.

  2. This is how they behave? How can they expect to be viewed and respectable people when they can’t even respect each other. The country is going through a battle with violent crimes and these people can’t even resolve their issues without resorting to violence? What next? GUN SHOTS RING OUT IN THE MLA?
    We do need to elect more morally responsible and capable people to these offices. Great example people!

  3. I very much like physical altercation; it sounds like a nasty cough medicine. Why not scraps, which is about all these MLAs usually seem able to muster.

  4. In the midst of the economic turmoil i needed some funny news… the octagon has moved to the LA building… are they selling tickets?

  5. Have they forgotten they are Civil Servants working for the Government. They are both suppose to be given disciplinary actions for their foolish childess behavior, set an example. Imagine what’s going to happen next, civil servants are going to feel its okay to throw a punch at a co-worker cause nothing happened to the two MLA’s, OH,,,, once they get a public apology, I guess its okay right?. IF you all don’t see it, WE NEED TO END PARTY POLITICS NOW!!!!!!! Its destroying our Island.

  6. Elio,

    Boo Boo is Ma Ma Baby,

    Now take them blows like a man and stop crying like a little girl. It’s less embarrassing on your
    masculine ego if you had quietly dealt with it and kept it from the public!
    Do you want to be known as the little girl crying in the L.A? Cut the drama queen act.

    Its just an exercise most men do when their testosterone gets the best of them are you on board or not?.

    Ok go to bed and take a nap. Tomorrows another day. It didn’t kill you!

  7. I am amazed and so should everyone else be amazed that the actions of the two holligans is made light of and the MLA should take it like a man. With that type of attitude, is there any wonder that Cayman is in criminal turmoil. Civilized people dont settle things with vilolence.Thank the Lord that you Dubai and Sowhat are not running the country. Maybe we should find out who’s at fault and have a public lashing. Brilliant!

  8. Someone may need a ducking lesson from president Bush..

    Remember when you enter the arena to protect yourself at all times. Here I will say it.. Sorry buddy!! lets get on with the people’s business.. We don,t need the courts tied up for a jack slap..

  9. NOW… Ellio you needs to run home and tell mama and shame on mama if she does not give you a nother one on the next side, for that nasty foul mouth you have for a christan rased boy.
    Aldin had need to be putting it in him up to now for that foul mouth(if he did)!!!!!. Lol.

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