Jay-Z and Kanye: 
They’re taking risks

Jay-Z and Kanye West are taking risks when everyone else seems to play it safe in an economic downturn.

Early August, the rappers released their first collaborative album aptly titled Watch the Throne. Self described as Luxury Rap by Kanye himself, Watch the Throne boasts plenty on their wealth and, ahem, “conquests”. But what else do you expect from two of the most meaningful rappers in the game thus far?

Not only has Jay-Z redefined rap since entering the scene in the mid-1990s, he has also led the way for other artists to follow in his footsteps with Roc Nation, a management, music publishing and entertainment company.

An entrepreneur in his own right, Jay-Z is also part owner of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets. Well, the New Jersey Nets until next year when The Barclays Center is finished in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and they change over to the Brooklyn Nets.

Kanye is no stranger to branching out, either. West recently launched his women’s clothing line at Paris Fashion Week.

The younger of the two, Kanye, is well known for his outbursts and passionate feelings toward Beyonce music videos, but did you know he also runs his own record label, GOOD Music, home to artists such as John Legend, Common and Kid Cudi?

Ahead of the game

Yeah, both of these rappers are ahead of the game by a long shot, so it’s no surprise they would want to work together on more than just a track here and there. Initially Jay-Z and Kanye set out to record only a five song EP but that quickly changed into a full-length album. Watch The Throne debuted at number one in numerous countries and broke the iTunes sales record at no surprise to fans of the rappers. The 12-track LP had help from other producers besides West. Swizz Beats lit up Welcome to the Jungle, while Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo collectively known as The Neptunes, co-produced Gotta Have It with West.

Showing some love to artists who often appear on Jay-Z albums, Mr. Hudson threw down vocals on Why I Love You and Jay’s wife, Beyonce, joined the duo on Lift Off.

Still fresh after the release of their highly anticipated album, Jay-Z and Kanye West will embark on a North American tour kicking off this month in Atlanta, Georgia, and stopping in Miami on 15 November.

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