Editorial for 11 October: Cayman needs more Ronalds


We need more young people like Ronald
Forbes in the Cayman Islands.

He’s a national hero in the making. He’s
already our hero on the track and does our country proud when he participates
in international track and field events, including the Olympics.

Ronald knows that when he is practising his
craft overseas, he is acting in the capacity of an ambassador to the Cayman

He also has a strong sense of duty while he
is at home.

For the past few weeks he has been meeting
with students and young adults in schools and communities to talk about the
amazing power of choice people have in their day-to-day lives.

At the schools Ronald talked about the
importance of a sound education and is telling children how they can build self
esteem and have self worth.

As he’s talked to young adults in the
districts, he gave messages of hope and listened to what was uppermost on their

Of course Ronald would like to encourage all
children to become involved in sports; it’s one of the things that helped shape
the young man he has become.

Having people of Ronald’s calibre go into
the schools and communities to offer words of inspiration is good for the
country as a whole.

Those who listen to Ronald can see evidence
that they, too, can achieve great things. All it takes is determination and

People like Ronald can and do help generate
positive change.

More of the young men and women who have
achieved great things in the Cayman Islands need to do more of what Ronald has
demonstrated; getting out into the community and empowering those who may feel

We applaud Ronald’s efforts and his
determination to work with the Cayman Islands Government to help get the message

We know that his parents are mighty proud
of not only his success on the field and in sports, but also in his willingness
to give of himself to our young people.


  1. Perhaps Cayman should allow expats to stay longer or forever to inspire and instill athletic ethics into the youth in Cayman. As an expat who had lived there for more than 10 years, the only comments my child heard was you are not a Caymanian therefor you cannot represent Cayman. Heart and soul went into the sport and now the child is playing college soccer which could inspire more Caymanian children…..Oh well…

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