Juawon must shine for Wesleyan

Wesleyan Christian Academy may have two star basketball talents but success rests in their role players.

Last Tuesday the West Bay-based side got their first victory in the 2011 Appleby Under-19 Basketball League. To no surprise the 50-26 win over John Gray High featured Tim Corbett (17 points) and Travis Stroup (12 points) as the top scorers. The real shocker was Naithique Jackson (11 points, 12 rebounds).

For 1-1 Wesleyan, the key to victory is having more youngsters contribute. Aside from Jackson, the side enjoyed good outings from Juawon Ebanks (six steals, four rebounds) and Jerome Bailey (four points, 10 rebounds).

Wesleyan will need more of that against team Bodden Town at the Cayman Islands Basketball Association court on Tuesday, 11 October, at 7.30pm. Bodden Town won their first two matches against the Grand Pavilion Shockwaves and Esso Blazers. Top performers on the squad have been Travis Barnes (15 points against the Esso Blazers) and Sonny Powell (18 points against Shockwaves).

This Tuesday also sees the 0-2 Shockwaves battling 0-2 John Gray at 6pm. The high school team should have their hands full trying to contain budding star Phillip Webb, who has had two double-doubles already (he had over 22 rebounds both times).

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