Anglers can hook up again soon

Fishing is generating some buzz and the latest news focuses on an upcoming competition. 

In about three weeks the Cayman Islands Angling Club will put on an All-Tackle fishing tournament. The event is slated for 5-6 November with fishing hours of 6am-3pm in Grand Cayman waters. Weigh-in takes place at the Barcadere Marina 3pm-4.30pm. 

The three major species (dolphin, yellowfin tuna and wahoo) will be the focus with awards for billfish releases. The heaviest tuna, wahoo and dolphin will fetch $2000 each with the second heaviest in each category earning $1000.  

Additional prizes will be on offer for the most billfish releases, the heaviest eligible fish, and the heaviest fish caught by a junior and a female angler. The minimum eligible weight for all catches is 15 pounds. 

Entry fee is slated to be $300 per boat for up to four people, with each additional person paying $100. Registration day is slated to be 3 November from 6pm to 8pm at a venue yet to be determined. Prize-giving party is expected for 8 November at 7pm. 

News of the tournament comes after a pair of record escolar (commonly called snake mackerel or butterfish) were nabbed in recent weeks. At the end of September, Emil Terry caught a 173lb escolar on a 50lb test aboard his 24 foot Scarab boat called Disco Fever. Terry would captain the same boat on Monday as Charles Ebanks nabbed a 169lb escolar on a 30lb test. Both catches are Cayman records and possible world records, pending notification from world governing body the International Game Fish Association. 

Terry, 28, states both escolar catches were unwanted thrills. 

“We were targeting swordfish and you get them at night,” Terry said. “You can sell those easy enough but it’s hard to sell escolar or get rid of them. We don’t want to catch them but it’s all good when we catch them at a world record size like this. 

“With my catch it took 45 minutes to an hour to fight and another 15 minutes to actually catch it. We came ashore quickly after that. With Charles we were out three hours on the south side, about five miles south of Pedro, before he fought it for about 30 minutes. 

“We fish the whole time. We put in the time and now it pays off. It’s all fun and games between me and Charles. We do it for good times while fishing. We go almost everyday, sometimes we watch and sometimes we don’t. What matters is we have the spot.” 

Alltackle fishing C Ebanks

Emil Terry and Charles Ebanks caught a massive escolar this week. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

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