Mike can still flex muscle

Michael Salmon may be a middle-aged man but he continues to flex his muscles. 

Salmon, 52, is competing at the Natural Bodybuilding World Championships in Washington, DC in two weeks on 28-29 October. He will be joined by fellow bodybuilder Susanne Clements, 41. 

Salmon, who will compete in the master (age 40 and above) and grand masters (age 45-55) division, states he is more than ready for the competition. 

“I’m never nervous,” Salmon said. “Nervousness is a state of mind, like losing. I’m always in the top spot and ready to beat people. I’m at the top of my game.” 

Both have made the trek before, competing in 2009. At that time Salmon weighed roughly 162 pounds with Clements sporting 124lbs. Both did well with Salmon earning second place in the grand master class, fourth in the master segment, sixth in the middleweight open and claiming the best overall pose award. For the record Clements placed fifth overall in the women’s novice and masters (35 and above). 

Salmon flex

Michael Salmon is still going strong in the gym. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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