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OK, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its list of nominees for this year’s induction. They are: The Beastie Boys; The Cure; Donovan; Eric B. & Rakin; Guns ‘N Roses; Heart; Joan Jett and the Blackhearts; Freddie King; Laura Nyro; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Rufus with Chaka Khan; The Small Faces/The Faces; The Spinners; Donna Summer and War.

Of this list, five to seven will be inducted with ceremonies held between March and April of next year. Now the question is: Who is missing?

Go to and look at the list of past inductees. There have been 296 already honoured, but I want to know from you – who do you believe is missing?

Let me start with a few…where in the world is Kiss, Foreigner, Bad Company, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple and Procol Harum, to name a few!

Remember that the artist or band must have released a record at least 25 year ago, so Nine Inch Nails will have to wait until 2013.

Email me your choices, and why you believe they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, to [email protected] and we will feature them in our next column.

Updates on famers

Since we are talking about The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, here are some updates of famers:

Alice Cooper released a new album, Welcome to My Nightmare 2, his best debut in over 20 years.

Blondie is currently on tour in the US, supporting their new album, Panic of Girls, their first new album in eight years.

David Bowie will be featured on Brixton next 10 pound note featuring the iconic image from the Aladdin Zane album.

Paul McCartney continues to expand his musical boundaries with the release of Ocean’s Kingdom music for a ballet.

Queen’s anthem We Are the Champions has been found to be the “catchiest” song of all time by scientific research at Goldsmiths University.

R.E.M. has officially called it quits. A greatest hit album will come out in November and that will be it.

The Who will release Quadrophenia in a Director’s Cut box set of four CDs , DVD, seven-inch single and a hard cover book, on 14 November. Just in case you want to send me Christmas gift.

Dan Charleston is the market manager for DMS Broadcasting and the only one there old enough to be a rock historian.

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