Families get keys to affordable homes in District of East End

Nine families have keys to new homes in the East End affordable housing scheme off John McLean Drive. 

On Monday, government officials along with the National Housing Development Trust handed over the keys to a two-bedroom home to new owner Roderick Bodden and son. 

“The Cayman Islands government has given you the building blocks and mortar to establish your one community here. We urge you now to lend it a little bit of your soul,” said Mike Adam, community affairs minister. 

Mr. Adam encouraged homeowners to consider how they could invest in their neighbourhood and highlighted the objective of the NHDT, which was to help low-income Caymanian families. 

The programme caters to first-time Caymanian homeowners who earn $35,000 or less a year, for a single applicant, or $50,000 between joint applicants. 

Persons must be employed for at a least a year or self-employed for two years and within the age bracket. 

George Town MLA Elio Solomon said, “This is a tremendous accomplishment in just two years. When we started there was nothing here but green fields. We don’t intend to stop there, but also going to Bodden Town, George Town and West Bay to establish affordable homes. In the worse economic situation we have still found the ability to build 67 concrete homes.” At present, 12 homes have been constructed with eight more to come. Construction is scheduled to start as early as next year.  

Over nine acres of land off John McLean Drive, behind the East End Primary School has been designated for the new homes, which can accommodate as many as 55 houses.  

Affordable homes are available in one bed, one bath, 540 square-feet; two beds, two baths, 805 square-feet; and three beds, two baths 978 square-feet.  

For those interested in applying for a home, application packages can be collected from the NHDT offices on Airport Road, across from the post office. 

Although persons may qualify for a mortgage loan, due to the overwhelming demand for affordable homes, there is no guarantee when or if an applicant will be approved, according to a NHDT pamphlet. 

The NHDT is also assisting with persons who have their own land, providing there are no leans against the property. 

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Government officials and the National Housing Development Trust handed over the keys to a two-bedroom home to owner Roderick Bodden and his son in the East End affordable home scheme. – Photo:Jewel Levy

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