Facebook-style technology introduced at St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius Catholic School in the Cayman Islands has become the fist school in the region to install Frog, a learning platform which provides schools with a fun and intuitive online learning experience, with minimal technical ability required.

A learning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services providing teachers, students, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Already popular in the United Kingdom, Frog is being adopted by a growing community of schools across the globe, allowing students and teachers to access all school information, including homework, diaries, emails, resource-booking, daily bulletins, school hard drives and timetables from one online location. Frog has been used to build the I-site learning platform at St. Ignatius Catholic School in the Cayman Islands, with all students at the high school using the platform during the day. The school has rolled out 350 laptops onto a wireless network, giving students and teachers home access to the school’s resources, including Frog. Students are submitting their homework online for teachers to mark and the school is developing tutorials to inspire students to get the most from of the platform.

“All students at the school are now engaged with Frog and are benefiting from its flexibility,” said Mick Whyte, director of technology at St. Ignatius Catholic School. “They are even suggesting ideas of their own to further develop it to suit their needs, driving positive change in the school. It is not just a piece of software but rather a toolkit which we can take with is into the future. The added benefit of Frog is that we are able to host it here on campus, rather than in the UK, so we have full ownership of it.”

Darren Bowyer from IT Outsource Ltd, a Caribbean-based authorities Frog partner, said, “We are pleased to provide continued hand-on support for Ignatius throughout design, development and deployment of their Frog platform, which proved to be invaluable.” Frog engages students with its modern “Facebook”-style interface, which is user-friendly, fun and interactive, school officials said. It has been designated to enable users to easily drag-and-drop widgets onto the platform.

It inspires creativity, engaging students with a variety of online tools tailored to a range of abilities, enabling them to reach their full potential, helping to boost their sense of achievement and raise attainment. Gillian Wilkinson, international sales manager for Frog said, “Frog has been proven to add value, save time and money and raise standards, even in schools that already excel. Frog is much more than a learning platform; it is an educational tool to support schools in achieving their long term improvements plans.

“St. Ignatius Catholic School in the Cayman Islands is a fantastic example of a school which has implemented an effective online learning environment that engages the whole school community.”

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