Restaurant Week 2011 is deemed a great success

Cayman Restaurant Week 2011 has been hailed as a great success by participants.

The promotion ran between 3-8 October, organised by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. Participating restaurants offered prix-fixe menu options for lunch and dinner at $15, $25 and $35. The innovation was geared toward bringing business to restaurants during a traditionally lower season, attracting tourists and locals to eat out.

Icoa was one of the restaurants who took part, and Shruty Garrison said it was a very positive experience.

“Restaurant week was a true success for Icoa, it definitely bought new faces in to the restaurant and everyone was raving about the menu. We actually extended another prix-fixe menu through October 12th because of the great traffic and feedback we received.”

Fantastic week

Agua Restaurant reported sales of 40 menus Monday to Thursday then more than 70 on Friday and Saturday – more than 300 Restaurant Week menus in total.

“The Restaurant Week has been fantastic and we look forward to participating again next year,” said Christiano Vincentini.

Markus Mueri of Abacus said it had been a great success and the restaurant ‘had a great time’.

“The menu was well received and we have had the chance to make new friends in the community. Restaurant week works and we would have entered Deckers as well but we were closed for renovations!

“We would like to see another restaurant week, we believe it would be fantastic to have a week for Culinary Month,” he said.

Trina Christian of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association said the group was pleased to be able to promote local restaurants through the promotion.

“Thanks to the help of our media partners at and DMS Broadcasting there was a great buzz in the local community and the restaurants reported a significant up-tick in traffic at their restaurants,” she said. “The association will definitely do Restaurant Week again next year and is even in talks with members to recreate a similar concept during Cayman Culinary Month in January 2012.”

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