APEX Industries Smart solutions for window coverings

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Home automation systems and intelligent appliances are not reserved for interiors only. Even shutters, blinds and awnings are becoming ever more sophisticated.  

Apex Industries pride themselves on supplying, installing and configuring innovative architectural finishes of the highest quality for commercial and residential properties.

Among the many products on offer are automated shutters and shading solutions which, in addition to enhancing the security, value, privacy and comfort of the home, also keep down the costs of cooling the property.

Apex Industries’ automated systems are based on Somfy motors and accessories. Somfy has been a world leader in tubular motors and controls for more than three decades and has been providing a wide range of high performance, convenient and reliable solutions for home automation.

A combination of Somfy motors, sensors, receivers and transmitters communicate with one another, resulting in window coverings that are “intelligent”, seamlessly integrating into every day life, rather than being awkward and time consuming to operate.

Features of the Somfy technology include:

  • Timers that allow window coverings to be automatically adjusted based on the time of day
  • Solar sensors that allow for automatic adjustments to be made according to the intensity of the sun.
  • Temperature sensors that will adjust window coverings when the temperature indoors reaches a certain threshold.
  • Wind sensors will prevent damage to screens or awnings by automatically retracting them when wind speeds pick up.
  • Remote controls allow shutters, shades or awnings to be controlled individually or as a group at the touch of a button.
  • The Internet interface allows one to control window coverings via Internet or smart phone. Existing motorized shutters and shades can be converted to remote ready with an RTS receiver.

The cost of automated shades and shutters is easily offset by the increased value of the property. These will additionally enhance security, thus lowering insurance premiums as well as  saving on cooling costs and a longer life span for hardwood floors and furniture.

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