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Hearing difficulties come in many shapes and forms, as do their solutions. Cayman Hearing Center, located at Pasadora Place in George Town, now offers a full time, private audiology centre providing a full range of services for audiological conditions.

Dr. Annette Stephenson is the first and only board-certified Doctor of Audiology in Cayman. She now provides a full range of services from diagnostic to rehabilitation, as well as selecting and fitting of listening devices.

Hearing tests can be administered to anyone from newborn babies to the elderly, and the most suitable hearing device can be selected.

Using all the latest technology, such as directional microphones, multiple listening programs and telecoils, innovative listening devices range from those worn in the ear, to those worn behind the ear or in the ear canal.

In the past wearing hearing aids made it difficult to use audio devices such as cell phones and MP3 players.  However today’s digital hearing aids combined with Bluetooth technology has changed the way hearing aid users stay connected. Sound is no longer only delivered as sound waves moving through air.

Instead, sound is delivered directly to hearing aids wirelessly from a variety of audio devices.

No more tangled mesh of wires. No more missing out. No more disconnected calls.

With Bluetooth wireless technology and the right hearing aids, you stay plugged in even when you’re out of the office and on the road. The signal comes through loud and clear thanks to the latest technological advances.

Children aged seven and over can also be tested for Auditory Processing Disorder, a condition in which they hear at normal volumes but are unable to process the sound accurately.

This can lead to learning difficulties and behavioural issues. Once diagnosed, a multi-faceted approach involving educators, speech pathologists and audiologists can be developed.

Dr Stephenson also provides counselling and aural rehabilitation and vestibular, balance and dizziness assessment and rehabilitation.

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