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Providing Education For Individuals With Diabetes and Their Family Members

A diagnosis of diabetes can be difficult to deal with. However, with education, managing your diabetes today can be easier than ever. Learning about new medications and treatment options now available can help you make informed choices.

The Cayman Pharmacy Group initiated a Diabetes Education Centre at CTMH in June 2011 for the benefit of all Diabetes patients in the Cayman Islands.

The primary purpose of establishing the Diabetes Education Centre is to expand the volume of education and encouragement opportunities available to those with Diabetes in order to empower them to self manage their disease in collaboration with regular and ongoing support from all their key healthcare providers.

It is our hope that patients who attend the Diabetes Education Centre Programmes will find improved health outcomes over the initial six months and beyond, and that they will demonstrate improved self management skills so as to prevent the progression of the disease and its complications.

Home Health Care
At Professional Pharmacy we stock a large selection of quality Home Health products to ensure we can assist as many people as possible within our community. In fact, we have surveyed Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Physicians in an effort to meet everyone’s needs locally.

  • We supply the following plus many more items:
  • Wheelchairs/cushions
  • Bath benches
  • Pillows
  • Heating pads
  • Compression stockings
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Glucose Monitoring Supplies
  • Braces and supports
  • Cast boots

West Bay Pharmacy and Savannah Pharmacy also carry a number of Home Health items and can procure specific orders from Professional Pharmacy or abroad.
Educate Before You Medicate

Health Education & Pharmaceutical CounsellingWe at the Cayman Pharmacy Group strive to make your health our concern. We recognize the complexities of pharmaceuticals and the need to personalize your care. That is why we have introduced “Personalized 1 on 1 Counselling”.

Our pharmacists are here to assist you with questions you may have about your health and the medications you have been prescribed. Our goal is to:

  • Provide private and confidential one-on-one counselling
  • Address your health related questions and concerns
  • Review with you the expected performance of a newly prescribed drug, it’s possible side effects and interactions with other drugs you are taking
  • Suggest supplements to offset potential side effects
  • Liaise with your physician or other health care provider to determine the best treatment option(s) for you
  • Provide up – to -date advice on staying healthy and preventing complications; this may include lifestyle and diet modifications
  • Assist those on multiple medications in following proper regimen by offering specialized blister packaging
  • Offer free medication reviews: a close examination of your medications with the objective of reaching an agreement about treatment, optimising the impact of medications, and minimizing the number of medication-related problems
  • Be available for further consultation


Pharmacy Compounding: The Cayman Pharmacy Group is proud to offer our own on-site pharmaceutical compounding unit.

For many people with unique health care needs, we offer personalized medication solutions. Compounded medications are sometimes the only option to achieve the desired health care outcome.

These mixtures are prepared by trained pharmacists and technicians to meet the individual’s special needs.

We work with physicians and veterinarians to create customized medication solutions for the patients and animals whose requirements are not met by manufactured medications.

Who Needs Personalized Medication Solutions?
Patients who need specialized dosing due to age-related issues (paediatric or geriatric)

Patients who have allergic reactions to inert ingredients such as binders or dyes in commercially available products

Patients who have multiple health care issues that impact a drug’s absorption or elimination

Have difficulty absorbing the medication via the traditional delivery process of a commercially available product, i.e. can’t swallow or are sensitive to topically applied products

Children who need a medication that is only commercially available in an adult dosage form

Adults who require a particular medication that is no longer commercially available or a strength that is not manufactured.

Individuals that need a dosage form allowing for gradual changes in dose (example – titrating a dose until it is “just right” for the individual)

Situations where readily available products have been exhausted without achieving desired results

Veterinary patients that range in size from a household pet such as cat or dog, to a farm animals such as a horse, are just a few of the patients who are dependent upon personalized medication solutions

The community of patients with special needs:

  • Autistic children, cancer patients, diabetic patients, menopause patients etc.
  • Patients of medical specialists
  • Dermatologists: psoriasis, fungus, wound treatment
  • Gynaecologists: hormone replacement and female sexual health
  • Gastroenterologists: haemorrhoids and anal fissures
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Pain specialists: chronic pain management & special procedures
  • Urologists: Andropause & erectile dysfunction
  • Dentists: oral health & topical anaesthetics
  • Podiatry: persistent bacterial & fungal infections

As prescribers and pharmacists use their imagination and ingenuity, read their journals, go to seminars and keep their ears open and their creative juices flowing, they are able to come up with compounded solutions and solve problems!

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