Future of Cayman sign-ups

In a recent Cayman Islands Journal article regarding the Future of Cayman initiative Chamber CEO Wil Pineau states “The simple truth is we cannot sit still and do nothing – so let the ‘something’ that we do be a shared effort of resources, innovation and commitment.”  

He was talking about the public and private sector partnership but we can also apply that thought to the community in general. The Future of Cayman steering committee is looking for members of the public to serve on driver groups and make a positive impact on the outcome of the various objectives. If you think you have the relevant knowledge and experience pertaining to one of the five drivers: Quality of Life, Build a Smarter Infrastructure, Enhance Quality of Life, Create a Business-Friendly Climate, Diversify the Economy, we would love to hear from you. We are
particularly looking for people with passion, commitment, and expert knowledge.

The FoC strategy is about knowledge sharing and relationships as we build the Cayman we want to see. If you feel you are unable to contribute as a group member there are other ways to voice your support and opinion via our website.  www.futureofcayman.com is an excellent resource and interactive website developed specifically to engage the public in the process and progress of the driver groups. You can endorse the initiative via our online forms, write to your MLA’s or share your views through our social media tools including Facebook and Twitter.

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