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What exactly is ecay?

“We’re more than the sum of our parts!” enthuses Doyle, “the ultimate marketplace”. With the goal of bringing buyers and sellers together, Ecay provides online platforms tailored to facilitate transactions of information, services, goods and knowledge. Whatever it is, you can use any one of 7 distinct outlets, with more planned.

These days the question is not should you market online, the question is why you’re not marketing online through Ecay. With hundreds of commercial clients finding success across the Ecay websites, perhaps it’s time you took a look at one of Caymans great commercial success stories.

“Our vision is very simple – we wanted to create THE go-to place online for buyers and sellers”, says Keith Doyle, General Manager of the ubiquitous Ecay phenomenon. “The internet has transformed marketing and communication platforms, providing great opportunity to reach consumers effectively and affordably. Sharing information with current clients, or introducing new customers to your goods and services; perhaps learning about what your competitors are doing – it all comes down to finding customers, and frankly in the Cayman Islands you’ll find them all on Ecay”.

Whilst marketers and business operators scramble to locate and retain consumers in these hyper-competitive times, Ecay has stuck to a very simple philosophy of providing a massive marketplace and backing it up with peerless customer service. “Our Account Executives are exceptional,” Keith proudly explains, “they work extremely long hours, beyond the ‘normal’ workday to assist our 350+ commercial clients that each have their own individual online marketing needs.” The sheer reach of the internet – coupled with the technological advances in desk and mobile computing – quite simply underscores if you’re not marketing your business online, you’re not in business, and in Cayman you are not marketing effectively online if you’re not doing it through Ecay.

“Many people are confused about online marketing. Should they tweet? What is social media? Should I spend on SEO? Etc, etc.” says Kurt Goring, Senior Technical Administrator at Ecay. “At Ecay, we’ve found repeatedly that businesses have come to us after spending large amounts on website development, SEO, worrying about ‘apps’, wondering what they are, basically kind of confused. So we let them in on our secret – we’re not remotely interested in external search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo) for businesses targeting Cayman clientele. We know where Caymanians are online – they’re on Ecay! And you can have access to them and benefit from our hard work.”

The Ecay way is beautiful in its simplicity – you put up a shop window (Business Listing) within the Ecay Directory (EcayOnline.com) and cross-market onto the strongest marketplace available in Cayman (EcayTrade.com). This has proven to be a win-win for Ecay partner clients and for the thousands of daily consumers.

Growing from a niche online option to becoming an essential part of your marketing mix, Ecay is the answer for internet advertising in Cayman. “Businesses need customers,” Doyle continues, “and if you use our product, your message will get seen. It’s that simple. We’ve created the Times Square of consumers in Cayman. We launch new businesses, we revitalize struggling businesses and we consolidate existing businesses.”

To understand what this means, simply look at how Ecay works for so many. In just over 30 months since the company was purchased and re-launched by the current operators, the group has grown in all aspects: monthly pages viewed averaging above 4,500,000 (a 1000% growth); registered users are in excess of 23,000 (over 1500 % growth); monthly visits to Ecay are approaching 250,000.

“Of course, the problem with online statistics is that they are often misrepresented by persons that don’t understand them to people that have no idea what is being told to them!” continued Goring, a self-confessed statistics junkie. “People get really bogged down in trying to ascertain differences and meanings of hits, visits, page impressions, and so on. It all gets so unnecessarily confusing, so we’ve simply turned around and told people to ask our customers – we stand by our clients’ success and if it’s working for them, it’ll work for you!”

Clients including Doortek, Autohaus, Ortanique, Scotiabank, LIME, Avalon Marine, Beyond the Horizon and so many more from all industries have benefited from low cost, highly accountable and simple marketing options that Ecay offer.

“There have been $250,000 boats, $100,000 Cars, $500,000 homes and untold $$’s worth of autoparts, smartphones, furniture, property rentals, jewelry, and 00’s of other categories all sold through Ecay. We should really charge a commission on sales!” laughs Rick Glass, one of the leading Account Executives and a tireless promoter of the Ecay brand. “My job has gotten easier in the past 2 years – when I first came aboard, I had to introduce Ecay to the business community, hunting down potential clients, begging to get in to see them. Now it’s all changed – now business comes to me, they know about Ecay because their family, friends, and business colleagues tell them”.

So, who uses ecay?

New businesses can launch on Ecay. “This is something I’m particularly proud of” advised Doyle, “Many businesses have started thanks to building awareness through Ecay. We’re exceptionally privileged to be seen and used as an incubator of new business here in Cayman.”

Current businesses can consolidate existing customers on Ecay by updating their profiles, sharing news through Events sections and newsletters – the social mix.

All businesses can seek new customers on Ecay. “Basically, you’re at a wholly unnecessary disadvantage if you are not using Ecay” according to Tracey Richardson, Account Executive and workaholic. “We’ve done all the hard work for you – you should use and abuse us, ride on our coat-tails, give me a call!”

OK, I’ll give you a call – but WHAT’S COMING – how exciting is Ecay in 2012?

“We keep getting asked! We’re actually in final testing of our re-designed EcayTrade.com website right now and we’re very excited to launch it” explains Goring. “Along with paid-for premium ad options, there are huge social media upgrades and something for the real estate market that’s going to cause ripples!! (I’m sworn to secrecy).” They are also in final design right now for a 2nd weekly newsletter, targeted more at the Business-2-Business sector with a view to Debbie’s Weekly focusing more socially and as a straight B-2-Consumer e-blast.

What about a news site? “Whether we officially launch our news site next year or not is still being debated in-house. We’re certain the online news market in Cayman is still open, but frankly we’re just not comfortable that it’s a good fit for us as a brand extension” explains Doyle. “Same as a dating site – we’ve been asked to set one up on numerous occasions, but the potential liabilities involved just ring alarm bells for me, and I just don’t see it as a fit”.

Ecay currently has a few test sites quietly floating around the region, and with EcayTrade opening in 3 Caribbean jurisdictions before Easter the guys at Ecay are flat out creating a marketplace for businesses to blossom.

As they say at Ecay, use Facebook to share, Twitter to talk……and Ecay to sell.

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W:    ecayonline.com

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