Marketing tools for your business

We all know that without a strong marketing presence your business can suffer. That is why you will often hear that it should be the last thing you cut when times are bad. So how do you make the most of your marketing dollar without breaking the bank?

Here are some ideas available to Chamber members:

  • You will notice that every week in the Chamber’s e-newsletter we carry a number of specials for Chamber members. These are promoted for free because they are of benefit to our membership.
  • This means that you can offer a special promotion for Chamber members and get posted to more than 2,000 emails. This makes good business sense. You can of course buy advertising space on the email itself.
  • Another way to promote your business for free is to place your promotional material in our visitors centre. We get a large amount of both local and visitor traffic that often stop to receive information about a particular service or product.
  • Did you also know that you can buy advertising space in our ACCE Gold Award winning CHAMBER magazine for as little as $150. A full-page colour ad is also still a bargain starting at $760 for four insertions, with or without enhanced advertorial options. With only four editions a year you get plenty of shelf life.
  • Our Discount Card programme is an excellent way to have your business listed in our magazine and on our website for free. Offer a special discount to Chamber members on a product or service and we make sure our members get to hear about it. Only those Chamber members who show their card at your place of business are entitled to the discount.
  • One of the most effective ways to launch your business or new product into the community is our popular Business After Hours events. This is an amazing opportunity for you to take the spotlight and show our members and guests exactly what makes your business the best at what you do. Showcase a new product or service, or just remind people about existing products and services.
  • This is an entire evening dedicated to promoting your business as you stand hand and hand with the Chamber. This is excellent value with average attendance being 100 to 250 people.
  • With over 28 million hits since we first launched it in 2003, our website is literally a big hit with everyone. Get the benefit of an enhanced listing or market your business or event through our banner advertising opportunities. Don’t forget you can even post your job openings for free in the Chamber Job Bank. Let us know what we can do to promote your business online.
  • Another excellent value marketing item is our Chamber calendar. For $1,200 you will appear on 2,000 desktops every month of the year! You will also have one month that will display an additional ad of your choice to give you extra presence. Think about it – your business on 2000 desktops – it’s a great deal. These calendars are a highly sort after item.
  • And why not hold a press conference or presentation. Our state-of-the-art conference facility is only $20 an hour to rent for Chamber members. With audiovisual equipment use included, you can create just the right impression for your business for just a few dollars.
  • Just getting started? Don’t forget the Chamber has business pods for rent, which gives you maximum facilities with minimum overheads. Imagine your own reception, meeting space, conference room and use of office equipment for just $500 a month!

These are just a few ideas and if you would like to speak to someone from the Chamber about other possibilities please contact [email protected]  

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