Artists on ARK bandwagon

Three local artists, all founders of Moving Art, have teamed up with Cayman-based charity Acts of Random Kindness to host an evening of music, entertainment and fine art that will benefit the work carried out by ARK.

Moving Art for ARK will take place on Saturday, 29 October, at a private home in Crystal Harbour.

Artists Avril Ward, Sue Howe and Renate Seffer will all contribute new works of art, including sculptures to the fundraising event. Over the course of an evening filled with cocktails, wine, food and entertainment, the artwork will be displayed and sold. All three artists have agreed to contribute 50 per cent of the sales to support the work that ARK carries out.

Moving Art was formed by artists Sue Howe, Avril Ward, Dora Williams and Renate Seffer about three years ago, with the intention of using their talents and abilities for a good cause.

“As we all believe in giving back to the community that we flourish in, we started the concept of offering to hold fine art exhibits with new, previously not exhibited artwork, to raise funds for various charity organisations,” explained Avril Ward. “Our concept is to hold a sophisticated event, that we [and] the charity sell tickets for, that boasts a wonderful evening of great music, entertainment and fine art exhibits in a private home.”

Although one of the original members, Dora Williams, is no longer on the Island. For the rest of the group this is the second such fundraising art event they have held. The first one benefitted Meals on Wheels.

“We approached Cayman’s Ark this year, as it is a charity that doesn’t only focus on one particular need in the community, but one that is flexible and available on so many levels of need,” explained Ms Ward.

ARK, which was founded and run by Tara Nielsen, Alison Lomax and Houria Fresard almost five years ago, works to seek out the most vulnerable and people in need in the community and provides them with direct assistance in whatever way they can. The charity personally identifies, assesses and follows up with every individual and family they help, ensuring donors know exactly how their contributions are spent.

“ARK proves what can be accomplished when people come together for the greater good of others and how powerful and positive that effort can be,” said Sue Howe. “Moving Art is proud to have the opportunity to join forces with ARK, and hope that the power of art can be a successful means of raising funds for our community during this upcoming event.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, call 926-2118

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