Sugar free gum bad for your teeth

We always knew it was a matter of time but apparently sugar-free chewing gum is actually bad for your teeth. According to a report in the British Dental Journal, sugar substitutes had a risk of ‘acidic flavouring in sugar-free candies and beverages’. Whilst sugar substitutes can reduce the risk of getting bad (i.e. British) teeth, an increase in mouth acidity can also lead to an erosion of dental enamel. We’ll stick to the old favourite of liquorice root. Although that does tend to get stuck between our teeth, makes our tongues black and tastes pretty minging, it’s gotta be the better option.

Pirhanas can talk

Speaking of teeth, according to the Journal of Experimental Biology, piranhas talk to each other. It’s been known for a while that fish make noises to get a bit of rumpy-pumpy, a bit like Barry ‘the Walrus of Love’ White, but according to Eric Parmentier and a team from the University of Liege in Belgium the piranhas made three distinct sounds. One was an aggressive bark during displays – confrontations without fights – another was a percussive beat during chases and the third a soft croak when biting each other in arguments over food. The sounds are made by vibrations in the swim bladders, which help regulate buoyancy, apparently. We’re just waiting to hear what those ostensibly-friendly Sergeant Majors are really saying when they come and play around us as we snorkel. Although we’re not sure we really want to find out how much they are taking the mickey, of course.

Fish make noises to get a bit of rumpy-pumpy, a bit like Barry White.

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