Rina now a hurricane

    Hurricane Rina Forecast Path Oct 24


    Invest 96L strengthened to Tropical
    Depression 18 to Tropical Storm Rina to Hurricane Rina in just 21 hours and is
    now forecast to become a major Category 3 hurricane in the northwestern
    Caribbean Sea. 

    As of Monday afternoon, Rina was about 193
    miles southwest of Grand Cayman and moving northwest at 5mph.  With the
    distance between Rina and Grand Cayman increasing, the storm isn’t expected to
    have a significant impact on the Cayman Islands if it continues along its
    forecast track. 

    However rainy conditions will continue on
    Grand Cayman until Wednesday, said Cayman Islands National Weather Service
    Meteorologist Avalon Porter. 

    “After that there should be some clearing
    for a day or so, then we expect more weather to move in,” he said. 

    Rina brought nearly 3 inches of rain to
    Grand Cayman over the weekend and another inch to an inch and a half of rain
    was expected before Wednesday. 

    Although seas remained moderately rough and
    a small-craft advisory is in effect through Tuesday night, the worst effect of
    Rina on Grand Cayman was some localised flooding of low-lying areas. 

    Mr. Porter said the winds were only forecast
    to be 10 to 15 knots out of the east-northeast. 

    “There could be higher gusts in the
    showers,” he said. 

    Homes and businesses in North Side and East
    End were without power for more than two hours Monday morning, possibly caused
    by the rain and winds from Rina. 

    The official National Hurricane Center in
    Miami track forecasts Rina to make landfall as a hurricane on Mexico’s Yucatan
    Peninsula near Cozumel on Friday morning, and then head northeast toward the
    western tip of Cuba. 

    Hurricane Rina Forecast Path Oct 24 A

    Hurricane Rina forecast path as at 1.07pm local time.

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