CCTV captures theft at gov’t office

Offender must do 120 hours of community service

Closed circuit television at the old Government Administration Building – the Glass House – captured images of Ian Thomas Russell as he removed $330 from a wallet left on a desk.

Russell was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to the theft, which occurred in April.

Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson said a local business was contracted to relocate the Ministry of Tourism and Finance from the old Glass House to the new Government Administration Building. Russell, 22, was among a crew sent to move office equipment.

When a ministry officer arrived to oversee the move, he placed his wallet, keys and some files on a desk in the reception area. He then went into the office of the premier to speak with a colleague. When he checked his wallet some time later, he discovered the money was missing.

Mr. Ferguson said CCTV footage from this area of the building showed Russell taking up the wallet and removing the money.

Interviewed by police, he said he was broke and needed money to pay his car insurance. After the theft, he said, he felt guilty and left the building to vomit. He placed the money at the foot of the Radio Cayman antenna.

The $300 was subsequently recovered and returned to its owner.

In court, Magistrate Nova Hall asked if he had anything to say and he replied no.

She pointed out he had a previous conviction for consuming ganja – he had been place on probation for that and had breached it. He was therefore not seen as a candidate for another probation order.

“For this offence, I would be minded to impose a short jail sentence,” she told Russell. In lieu of a prison term, however, she would substitute an order for community service. “If you breach the community service order, you will be brought back to court and sentenced along the lines I was thinking of,” she warned him.

The order was for 120 hours.

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