Online poll: Majority oppose guns for self-defence


About 57 per cent of the 765 respondents to last week’s online poll do not think people should be able to legally own guns for self-defence.  

However, although the largest segment of respondents – 313 people or 40.9 per cent – oppose guns for self-defence, they would agree with residents having things like pepper spray for that purpose. 

“Many of us own machetes and that’s an item of self-defence, so I think something like that is fine,” said one person. “Guns I am opposed to, as I think innocent people may get shot.” 

“There are too many guns here already,” said someone else. 

“If people were to legally own guns, it would be a complete disaster,” said another respondent. “Look at America for a terrible example.” 

“I would strongly recommend that pepper spray or any other such defensive mechanism should be restricted to persons over the age of 18 years and who possess a clean police record,” said one person. “Also, any adult whose minor child is found in possession of such item should be held legally responsible.” 

“What we really need to do is get tough on those caught with illegal guns,” commented someone else. 

“We need something to defend ourselves,” said another. 

“Tasers should be allowed, although the sentence for use without warrant should be substantial,” someone else said. 

Another 122 people – 16 per cent – didn’t think people should have guns or things like pepper spray. 

“The last thing this Island needs is more guns,” said one person. “And pepper spray has already been used in at least one robbery. Do we really want more of it?” 

“100 square miles with a population of 60,000 people – absolutely not!” said someone else. “We are heading down a very slippery slope, one from which we will never recover.” 

Almost a third of the respondents – 251 people or 32.8 per cent – thought people should be able to own guns for self-defence. 

“But with the provision that the people able to get guns here are law-abiding citizens of Cayman or expat professional security only,” said one person. 

“Only if properly licensed and trained in use,” said someone else. 

“The right to defend yourself with reasonable force is a fundamental human right,” said another person. “No politician or law has the right to force a person into victimhood.” 

“Criminals are always going to be armed, therefore there should be no reason why regular civilised citizens should not be able to defend themselves,” said one respondent. 

“Yes, but only in certain circumstances,” said one person. “For business owners on their premises only, for security guards on duty, for police at all times, and for homeowners at home only.” 

Sixty-nine respondents – 9 per cent – thought only Caymanians should be able to own guns for self-defence. 

“When guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns,” said one person. 

Ten people – 1.3 per cent – responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question. 


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  1. The Bahamas allow you to have a shotgun in your home . The barrel must NOT be sawed off to so people can actually SEE that you have a shotgun .

    SInce I plan to move to Cayman next year I sincerely wish I could have a glock or shotgun at my home in case some drugged up idiot decides to enter my space . Im not a huge fan of hand to hand combat w/ a drugged up punk if I can just shoot them dead in my foyer .

    I guess I need to learn how to use knives against the drug dealers who will be packing guns . STill … I love your little Island and I wish the cops the best in sending the thugs off to heaven before I arrive next summer .

    I hear Heaven is nice in the spring .

  2. The poll result is the not-surprising result of continuous, grossly inaccurate nonsense about the value of gun control promulgated by Cayman government and police officials. People who are assumed to be thorough and honest.

    The fact is that no gun control policy, in any country, has ever produced any social benefits.

    The English record on this is particularly clear, consistent and poor over many decades – and virtually all Cayman senior officials and police take English policies – no matter how often they have failed – as gospel.

    The reality is that gun control only disarms the honest, while leaving the criminal confident that he can pursue his trade in impunity.

    Quite contrary to the English myth that America demonstrates the dangers of inadequate gun control, proper research and analysis PROVES precisely the opposite. Over the past 20 years the number of Americans lawfully carrying a concealed gun for self-defence has grown from less than 100,000 to over 6 million – a 60 fold increase. Over the same period their murder rate has halved and every major crime category – e.g. robbery and rape – has also declined.

  3. While the majority are against guns, some 73% support guns OR alternative self defence such as pepper spray.

    The small town of Kennesaw, Georgia, USA has a law that REQUIRES every home to have a gun, with some exceptions.
    It have a negligable crime rate.
    Why? Because would be robbers KNOW that any home they break into will certainly have an armed home owner defending it.

  4. Before debating whether to arm or not to arm law biding residents, take the necessary steps to rid the island of all existing illegal guns and make it virtually impossible for future illegal guns to enter the island. If this is effectively done, there would be no need to arm anyone.

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