Pirate’s Week Get a peek at Song Contest

Pirates Week 2011 ramps up another notch this Friday when The Pirates Week Song Contest sponsored by Budweiser has a showcase event at the Mango Tree at 8pm.

All entrants will be asked to perform and the judges will be whittling down to just finalists to perform in the Song Contest final during Pirates Week on 11 November.

“We are excited to take the song competition to a new level. With active partners like Cayman Free Press we can build an event to encourage musicians to showcase the wealth of talent that exists in the Cayman Islands,” said Frank Roulstone of the Pirates Week Committee.

The Song Contest has really has grown over the years with last year’s winner Mikey Spade coming back bigger and better to reclaim his title. The creativity and skill of Caymanian musicians is really something to see.

“We have a number of excellent song entries this year. They are all party type songs and should be highly entertaining with varied subject matter,” said committee member Clive Rosteing of Friday night’s event.

“We expect that the show will be a big boost to the popularity of the contestants themselves and make the contest on that Friday night 11th even more special.”

On the 11th, though, judges will look for the following:

Music – The arrangement and melody, the unity developed between the harmony of the notes, rhythm and tempo to produce a pleasing, moving and enjoyable song.

Songs will be judged on the following:

Lyrics – Choice of words; the development of the topic in a logical and consistent manner so as to tell a story, express a feeling, send a message, or paint a picture in a poetic form.

Rendition – How pleasing or worthy of notice is the singer’s voice? The clarity of the vocals – how easily are the singer’s words understood? How well is the performer staying in time and tune with the music?

Performance – How entertaining is the performer? Does the performer connect with the audience? How well are movement and expression used to enhance the song? How visually pleasing or interesting is the performer’s appearance?

Originality – The use of imagination, in both lyrics and music that produces a unique piece of work.

The songs will be available to listen to on caycompass.com/competitions
 There, people will be allowed to vote online for their favourite artist’s song for the People’s Choice Award. Voting ends at midnight on Thursday, 10 November, and the winner will be announced on Song Contest night. Songs will also be played on local radio stations including Radio Cayman, one of the Pirates Week major sponsors. So visit caycompass.com/competitions and vote for your favourite!

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