Killa closer to title shot


Charles ‘Killa’
Whittaker made a triumphant step towards a world title fight on Friday night.
The West Bay fighter scored a 12 round unanimous decision over Giorbis
Barthelemy in an IBF junior-middleweight elimination bout to determine the No.2
contender at the Miami Airport Convention Center.  

Whittaker, 37, took
his record to 38 wins, 12 losses and two draws with 23 KOs as he won comfortably
against his former sparring partner 117-111, 117-112 and 115-113 in a clash
between tall, rangy fighters. Barthelemy, 39, a Cuban based in Florida, took his
record to 25-9-2, 10 KOs. 


  1. May I wonder why some in Cayman rejoice in calling a boxer Killa while we have growing gun and violent criminality spreading?
    Apart from the fact that professional boxing is a corrupt (betting, Mafia etc), violence-worshipping activity, often leading to early physical and mental decline (e.g. Mr Mohammed Ali), and often leaving its heroes to spend their last days in misery and poverty, what good thing can be said for it?
    Let us hear from our usually willing to speak out MLAs on this subject, for example, are professional boxers a suitable role model for our children?

  2. Old Hand

    Relax…chill out !

    Would you rather that kids end up in a boxing gym or on the street corner, hanging out, drinking, smoking, using drugs and learning to become criminals ?

    I’m no fan of boxing as a sport but sport fighting of some sort or another has been a part of mankind’s history for ages.

    Boxing, as a professional sport is what it is.

    The same can be said of other competitive fighting sports such as wrestling, karate, judo, mixed martial arts and the list goes on and on.

    Yes, sport fighting carries with it an inherent risk of injury but all fighting sports have safety elements built into how they are trained and competed.

    Training in sports fighting also gives one some level of skill in unarmed self-defense and the way Cayman is going right now, the more of that, the better.

    If you notice, Cayman’s young boxers are taking the Caribbean competitions by storm and this is in no small measure the efforts and exploits of Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker.

    If you had an example to offer your children, who would you rather…Charles or some of the other types making the headlines nowadays ?

    Charles is putting Cayman on the sporting map, along with the Fraser brothers in swimming, along with what Cydonie, Kareem, Ronald and others have done in athletics…

    Give your country’s sportsmen and women the credit they deserve and don’t be a wet blanket.

  3. Boxing is the best sport ever invented and they call it the sweet science measuring quickness, agility, endurance, power, speed, force, timing, volume, pressure, angles, accuracy, and many more. If given a choice to watch just one of two simultaneous sports live at the same time, place and location, ( pro, non pro, or just street or neighbor’s boxing) vs (pro sports like basketball, football, baseball, tennis), I would definitely choose boxing.

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