Cookout tickets on sale

Ticket sales for the 2012 Cayman Cookout are significantly up compared to 2011. 

“At this time on a year vs year comparison the Cayman Cookout is up 54 per cent in ticket revenue and 31 per cent in ticket sales,” confirmed Marketing Coordinator at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, Nancy Harrison. She added that 82 per cent of ticket sales so far have been derived from the United States. These break down into Minnesota, 16 per cent; Georgia, 9 per cent; Ohio, 10 per cent, Texas, 10 per cent and Massachusetts 9 per cent. 

“Cayman Cookout has also registered ticket sales in Brazil, Canada, Great Britain & Puerto Rico,” added Ms Harrison. She noted that up until now the Master Chef package was most popular. That is a pack that features six different tastings and demonstrations plus the artisan market, the gala dinner and a one year subscription to Food & Wine Magazine. 

Individual events that are selling fast include American Beef, French Style, Bourdain Attitude; Good vs. Evil: Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert; 100 Point Wines: Vérité reserve wine tasting. 

Tickets are available at Bon Vivant or through the Cayman Cookout webpage. For more information call 943-COOK (2665). 

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