Jager Bombers can’t crack Safes

The Security Centre Safes clearly have some rookie magic in their gloves.

In only their first year of co-ed softball in Cayman, the side has won two division championships. The latest came last Thursday at the Field of Dreams in George Town. The Safes claimed their second consecutive C league crown by beating the Billy Bones Jager Bombers 19-7 in seven innings in the Cayman Islands Little League Fall Adult Co-Ed Softball League finale.

The final result was never in doubt as the Safes came out swinging. Joey Hew, Chris Duggan and captain Brad Watts hammered hits deep to the outfield and by the fourth inning The Security Centre had their run tally into double digits. In spite of the best efforts of pitcher/team captain Tony Mark, infielder Andy Armstrong and slugger Terry Ballard, Billy Bones were in a huge hole that could have resulted in a mercy rule defeat in most contests.

For Hew, who pitched a complete game, the Safes’ victory cements what has been a great season.

“Two (titles) in a row shows we can win,” Hew said. “Even though we’re out for fun it’s great to win. In the final I’m happy we had fun and won the game. We showed our best and had the most (team) spirit.

“We’ll see what happens next year. We might rise in the standings to the B league but we’ll see what happens.”

The championship game pitted the top teams in the C league this season. Billy Bones was number one with a 10-2 record thanks to allowing just 73 runs, tops in all of co-ed softball. The Safes were second at 6-6.

Aside from the final score, the loss was demoralizing in another way for Billy Bones. The core of the team has now suffered three straight playoff defeats dating back to their days as PWC Scorpions team members. All have come at the end of winning campaigns where the side finished at the top of the standings.

On the flip side, the win cements Watts’ place as a solid softball player, having had success in the top tier (A and B leagues). Watts is quick to say the focus should be on his team-mates.

“We are happy to be back-to-back champions,” Watts said. “I am an A league player who has become a C league player/coach. The focus should be on the others on my team, they deserve the credit.”

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