Bluff land acquired for church

The Saint George’s Anglican Church has bought land on the Bluff in Cayman Brac to begin setting up a physical presence on the island. 

Church trustee Lemuel Hurlston said the land had been purchased, but “there are no plans to start building yet”. 

The land is located in a new subdivision on the Bluff, developed by the Ryan family, in an area known as Little Coconut Tree. 

A blessing service was held at the site on 12 November when Bishop Alfred Reid consecrated the land. This was his final visit to Cayman as Lord Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. 

Archdeacon Hollis Lynch was instrumental in making the project a reality and recommended the land for purchase, Mr. Hurlston said. 

This is not the first time the church, which has been holding infrequent services on Cayman Brac since 1984, has acquired land on the Brac. That year, a member of the church from Cayman Brac donated a parcel of land that was to become the venue of a sanctuary. 

That land was not developed and in 2008, the donor requested its return. 

The funds for the purchase of the land were raised in honour of a few recently deceased church leaders, including the late Canon Weeville M. Gordon, former Rector, and Brother John Elliott, trustee. 

“It is expected that, in due time, plans will be developed to erect suitable facilities on this site to serve the future needs of the Church as well as those of the wider Cayman Brac community,” Mr. Hurlston said. 

Cayman Brac Church bluff

Archdeacon Hollis Lynch, left, with Bishop Alfred Reid, second from left, Gloria Reid, and Dr. Loraine Barnaby, right, at the site purchased by the Saint George’s Anglican Church on the Bluff. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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