Roaring around Grand Cayman

Cayman Custom Cycles has announced it will run four new tours, all from Hell.

The tours, on the back of a custom Harley Softail, are for those older than 25 years of age with motorcycle licenses – passengers are welcome. The tours include North Side, Blow Holes and the Ten Sails, as well as a host of other tours. Lunch is also included, said Casey Keller, company representative.

Activity centre opens

Cayman Activity Centre has opened at the Strand shopping centre.

The store features video screens and interactive technology, which the company says will ‘give customers all the correct information when choosing which activities to take part in during their vacation.’

The staff are known as Entertainment Gurus and ‘will give customers the inside information about all the activities Island wide.’

The concept behind the store, they said, was to build awareness of the various activities mutually benefiting tourists and tour operators.

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