Doyle wings it

Ryan Doyle’s visit here during Pirates Week was one of the highlights of the special international acts. The Parkour artist combines gymnastics, break dancing and martial arts into a free form routine that makes him an attraction everywhere he goes. Parkour is also known as free-running and Doyle’s spectacular routines, especially off the top of buildings like Breezes at the Bay, were always well received.

Contracted by Red Bull, Doyle, the 27-year-old Scouser from Liverpool, made an impression with the children at Clifton Hunter and John Gray schools as well as the general public. Brought over by Red Bull distributor Andreas ‘Zulu’ Kettner, Doyle fell in love with Grand Cayman and intends to return for a vacation in the new year.

“Wherever we went especially at the high schools, people loved him,” said 
Kettner. “He’s a very humble, down to earth person, always ready and willing to answer questions.

“I think he inspired many kids, not just to take up Parkour but in other ways. Ryan’s philosophy is that if there is an obstacle find a way to overcome it, don’t get upset, change your direction.

“I believe they saw how far this sport can take you, like in everything in life, there is no limit if you really want to achieve getting to the top. According to Ryan, our guys especially the group Flow Motion: Brian, Derrick, Daniel, Leroy and Robert are brilliant and he thinks that with some support more kids will take to the sport of free-running. With the right support I think they can follow in Ryan’s footsteps.

“He liked it here so much at on our last conversation Ryan said that he will try to come back to Cayman by the end of March to train with our local guys and for some rest and relaxation.”

The fact that Doyle spends most of the year living out of a suitcase yet still wants to make the long trip here from the UK for a vacation, speaks volumes of what he thinks of the Cayman Islands.

Doyle is really interested in ancient history and through his travels can indulge that love. “I find it all so fascinating and my job has taken me to all these wonderful places like Mardin in Turkey which I’ve put online and a place in Greece with ancient architectural tops.

“I plan to go next year to Hawaii and do Parkour in forests. I love to keep on changing the environment.”

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