Homecoming: bringing culture home

Pageant Beach will light up on 2 December

This weekend marks the much anticipated Homecoming Concert at the Pageant Beach.

On 2 December the venue will come alive with Caymanian culture, featuring tastes, sights and sounds of the Islands taking centre stage; on display for all to see and appreciate.

The evening has been billed as a homecoming for Cayman’s culture, which has been shrouded for some time but is experiencing a resurgence as of late, as the youth struggle to find their identity amid an ever-increasing landscape of multiculturalism. This is being evidenced in the revival of the kitchen dance experience by bands like Swanky, which have brought their youthful perspective to the music that’s played an extremely important role in the lives of early Caymanians.

Their distinct sound has made the music relevant and reflects the growth of the Caymanian people.

“We view ourselves as guardians of the culture and we esteem what we do with a level of pride and appreciation for what came before and what is to come,” noted Swanky violinist Samuel Rose.

Indeed, there is quite a lot to be proud of, a culture of rope making, fishing and living off the land, which thrived despite almost no contact with the outside world, that in time would become one of the largest financial centres on the planet and home to nationalities from the world is not a story that can be overlooked.

The organisers of the event say this is the message that will be encapsulated in the night’s performances. Bands like Thanks and Praises will serve to accentuate the theme and their towering 12-piece ensemble will no doubt take minds to a time when big bands, with heavy sound and infectious inspiration ruled the beach.

The neo-Caymanian musical revolution will also be on tap for concert goers on 2 December, as ThE iZ will take the stage to deliver a blistering set of tunes, with their new backing band. The guys have been rehearsing for the show almost around the clock and are eager to share the live experience that will characterize the group going forward.

To round out the good vibes, a lot of people will be looking forward with great intrigue and interest to the performance of Memory of Justice, which has reunited just for the show. The men have taken the responsibility of bridging the gap and guiding today’s youth who are involved in music and making sure that today’s youngsters see where they are coming from.

Look out for great food on the evening as well. There will be cuisine from the best of the best in cooking on the Islands and no imitations. This is real Caymanian food, cooked by Caymanians. Fresh Juices and heavy cakes can also be obtained.

For the price of $10 everyone can come out and see a show that can only be done in the Cayman Islands. In fact, there is no other place in the world that the uniqueness of the culture that served our Islands so well can be seen in such a cohesive way, with food, music and arts coming together in one night of celebration.

Kicking off the newly introduced Caymanian Thanksgiving Weekend, the celebration is bringing Caymanian culture home and bringing Caymanians home to their culture.

“All are invited to see some of our treasures on display. This has been a most encouraging exercise and the coming together of all radio stations to work on and promote this event is a testament to how important it is in the eyes of the community. We need to encourage one another to have that social pride and commitment to greatness that early Caymanians had and reclaim our national identity,” explained Organiser Luigi Moxam, whose 1 345 brand of clothing will also be available.

With the participating bands of the night all having album projects during the year, folks can pick themselves up a copy of the new works at the show as well.

fish and fritters

The caboose bubbling with fish and fritters. – Photo: submitted

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