Diabetes cash boost

A big chunk of the overseas runners

at the Intertrust Cayman Marathon came from Team Diabetes Canada who were a marvel to watch.

Fred Defina and Harry Feint were in a group of 45 runners who mostly ran the half and 22 other Canadians here for the first time with Team Diabetes Canada. They are based all over their homeland from Newfoundland to British Colombia. Defina is from Toronto and Feint is based in Calgary. Collectively, they have done a marvellous job, raising Canadian $297,000 from this event alone.

“Three years ago I got an email from the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association and they asked if we would bring our marathon group here,” said Defina. “It took all that time to plan to get here and we’ll be back next year.”

Defina is a director of the Canadian Diabetes Association. His father died of complications from diabetes and his brother has the disease. “I don’t have it but it is something that runs in my family. I’ve actually met with the president of the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association, Slyvia Perry. She set up a bunch of interviews for us. We also had a chance to talk to a bunch of students at the Clifton Hunter School, speaking to them about diabetes awareness and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.”

Derek Haines did his bit for charity too, raising over $34,000 for a new SUV for Cayman Hospice Care and the junior rugby programme. Haines ran well inside four hours last year but was slower this time. He admitted having cramps in the last two miles and probably ran the first half too fast.

“I was one hour 52 minutes in the first half because I was chasing Lizzie Berns but that was my undoing, it was a bit too quick for me. But it was still a 
beautiful race.”

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